Wayfair, a furniture giant, returns strongly and will restart its physical store business


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

WayfairHeadquartered inU.S.Aboston,The company hasIt was announced on Tuesday that next yearGreater BostonThree companies are set up in the regionOffline entityShop,withShow two of theminsideBrandedworksIt alsoexpress,takeFor the next two yearsthose under one's commandFive brands openedphysical store


Karen McKibbin, Head of Physical Retail, WayfairSaid that with its first launchAllModern and Joss&MainBrand offline physical storeWayfair platformWill bring newOmni channel shopping experience.


McKibbinmention, these stores willDisplay tables and chairs, bedding, bathroom and seasonal productsEtc.Customers will be able toMake a purchase, chooseprovide home delivery serviceservice。 The companystillIt is planned to providePerigold and Wayfair brands set up larger scalephysical store


According to Xiao Bian,WayfairstayIn the pastthroughDabbled inOfflinephysical store. The companystay2018Launched a series of flash storesTo test offline physical salesandtoIn Natick in 2019marketOpenedFirstRetail stores


TheShops not onlyExhibitionSofa and tablewareAnd other products, alsoProvide customers with technology experience。 The customer canadoptenhancefictitiousrealityequipmentTo see if the furniture fits the roomEffect of, andWork with the staff to design the arrangement of indoor furniture.


However,The storeForced toDecember 2020shareclose,epidemic situationcauseofThe passenger flow in the shopping center declinedas well as3700 square feetThe high rent of


But,Wayfair ishisAllModern and Joss&Main brandsOpening physical storesObviously absorbedLessons from the Natick Store.Related personsexpress,This move of WayfairThe risk is relatively low because the property managerstayrentThey provided a great deal ofdiscount


In factSo are physical storesWayfairA good way to collect customer data and attract young customers.Generation ZMost usersveryenjoyIn storeShopping experience, andWayfairplacehaveAll kinds of design and technological elements undoubtedly add shopping fun to these customers.


Wayfair isEpidemic periodSales soared because peoplework from homeBillions of dollars were spent on desks, patio furniture and other household items. But this year, withThe epidemic situation has improvedpeopleSpending goes back to restaurants and travel.


Although the epidemic has emphasized the importance of home environment to some extent, it has changed people's online and offline shopping habits in the short term. But,Physical retailKarma should not be ignored because it is stillThe future of the companyDevelopment must considerPart of.

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