From 0 to 1.6 billion, independent sellers have successfully broken through!


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Under the extensive development of cross-border e-commerce, many sellers are well aware of the principle that eggs cannot be placed in one basket and choose to diversify risks through multi-channel layout. Independent websites have become the choice of many sellers, but for sellers who want to establish a foothold on independent websites, attracting and creating popular products are all successful transformationsRoadblock.


Yi' interviewed Wu Jiayang, the founder of Hangzhou Chuanliu, and combined himselfWith over 20 years of overseas marketing experience, he shared various experiences on how sellers successfully transformed into independent websites, attracted independent websites, and utilized TikTok to create popular products


from0 to 1.6 billion yuan, independent website sellers successfully broke through


Amidst Amazon account closures, fines, increased operating costs for third-party platforms, and increasing head-on effects, some sellers are migrating to independent sites. A seller successfully broke through the independent station, starting from the initialStarting from a sales revenue of 0 yuan, it only took 1 year and 8 months to reach a cumulative sales revenue of 1.6 billion yuan.


As the saying goes, some people are happy while others are sad. Some sellers have successfully transformed, while others have failed and were forced to withdraw from the independent track. Regarding the failure of seller transformation, Wu Jiayang stated that this is a very common occurrence, and mostSellers who fail in transformation are all influenced by multiple factorsForced to transform,They look at cross-border e-commerce with an opportunistic perspective, where they have money and where they run,It is not a conscious and forward-looking strategic layout.


As early asThree years ago, I called on everyone in the industry not to put all their eggs on Amazon, and to have a sense of risk diversification. Independent websites are the best choice. Everyone should do it quickly, but few people can listen to it”,Wu Jiayang said. From the current data of sellers, those who choose to layout independent websites early undoubtedly have received traffic dividends and have already earned a lot.


Cross border information from 0 to 1.6 billion, independent sellers have successfully broken through!


In terms of the actual operation of seller transformation, Wu Jiayang candidly stated that the initial explosive product model is dead, don't persist anymore,If a seller wants to transform into an independent website, they must understand how to attract customers, and then find unique products that are competitive, high in customer price, and high in profit; For novice sellers, they can chooseBuilding a SaaS website saves time and money.In one sentence, it boils down toThe Success of Independent Station=High unit price, high profit, unique and innovative products with a large number of traffic channels connected, tested, and optimized.


Wu Jiayang also stated that as long as the product is right, the product competitiveness is strong enough, and the profit margin is large enough, then no matter which sales channel you do, it will be good. Ultimately, whether it's Amazon or an independent website, they are just a sales channel for cross-border e-commerce, and creating good products is the key.


But in reality, sellers still have a long way to go to successfully transform. Not only is it due to the rising costs of raw materials and logistics this year, but there are also multiple challenges that urgently need to be addressed, such as difficulty in attracting traffic and high traffic costs.


Difficulty in attracting traffic and high cost of traffic, how can sellers break throughHaze?


"It's too difficult for independent stations to drain, but the key is that the traffic cost is still so high, and it's really too difficult to transform," a seller complained on the social platform.


Wu Jiayang stated that this is a practical problem. On the one hand, independent stations absorb traffic from numerous drainage channels, and if you bring one out alone, there will beVery strong knowledge and experience barriers; On the other hand,There are very few professionals who know how to attract independent websitesData shows that the talent gap in the entire industry has reached500000 yuan.


When the traffic dividend gap is filled by a large influx of products and sellers, the problem of high traffic costs gradually becomes apparent. Wu Jiayang said that the era of low traffic costs and sellers having price differences to earn dividends has passed,If sellers want to fundamentally solve the problem of high diversion costs,Firstly, we need to start with product innovation and innovation.


Cross border information from 0 to 1.6 billion, independent sellers have successfully broken through!


We are familiar withSHEINPATPMany of the independent stations that have emerged in the wave of AT and others are based on productsinnovateandInnovation as the fundamental driving forceAnd these sellers mainly focus on developed country markets (Europe and America) and other markets. But manyemerging marketUnlike it,There is still a traffic dividendSellers can also try emerging markets more to seek more development opportunities.


TikTok, as one of the channels recognized by many sellers, is stable and capable of making large-scale profits. This year, it has become a popular model and has attracted much attention from sellers. Many sellers have also asked how to create popular models and key points on TikTok.


Thousands of orders sold daily, selling wellTikTok's secret to creating popular products


Talking about passingTikTokTo create a popular model, Wu Jiayang provided recent examples,adoptTikTok ads are redirected to independent websites for transactionsTwoSuper explosive, respectively for nail enhancement and pupil enhancement.At present, the sales of these two products using this model are very popular, and the daily sales of popular styles are even more common.


But Meiye's productsWhich one has a strong aesthetic attributeIt's easy to sell, but in the end, it's stillDepending on women's aesthetics,andtasteIt's relatively difficult to grasp,Need the seller to reviewMore styles for testing, otherwise it will be difficult to find popular styles!


Regarding the key points of creating a popular model, Wu Jiayang stated that there are mainly two points:FirstlyThere should be more SKUs and continuous testing of models,This is a bit similar to the original popular mode, but not the popular mode; Secondly, it isMastering advertising techniques,TikTok's advertising system is rudimentary and features are constantly emerging, requiring sellers to promptly understand and apply it to their advertising campaigns to achieve the best ROI.


Some people say,The three essential elements for success in a big sale are a "poisonous and spicy" product selection perspective, timely marketing methods, and a desire for successNow, it seems that the construction of popular models is also the same.


Where cross-border e-commerce has traffic dividends, there are excess profits.TikTokthis isOne of the few newly emerging traffic channels in developed markets in Europe and America that is not yet saturatedAlthough it has a huge traffic dividend, the current monetization mode and products are relatively limited.


About sellers inMistakes to pay attention to when creating popular productsWu Jiayang said, don't think about relying onDomestic powder raising ordersDo the routine,Making a thousand dollars a month isOkay,But ifWant towantScalingMass monetization, currently looking atCome hereStillOnePseudo proposition;The live streaming sales on TikTok are the same. Recently, several startup companies that do TikTok live streaming sales have almost died, and their ROI is fundamentally uneven. In other words, they are currently not making any money.


At a time of rapid development in cross-border e-commerce, the prospects of independent stations can be said to be clear. But for many sellers who want to transform into independent stations, it is important to pay attention to these key points. The operation of independent stations does not lie in short-term dividends, but in long-term accumulation. In addition to attracting and creating popular products, sellers also need to pay attention to user accumulation and brand accumulation, in order to stand firm in the flood of cross-border e-commerce!


Creating explosive products has been a long-standing pursuit and goal of many sellers. In this increasingly competitive cross-border market, sellers need to quickly create explosive productsWhat are the techniques for getting? On December 13th, 2021, at the first China (Zhengzhou) Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sailing Summit,Wu Jiayang will share how to utilize his years of experienceTikTok creates popular dry goods.Everyone, please click belowRead the original text or scan the QR code below to register for this conference, and discuss and exchange ideas with many big sellers on site.


From 0 to 1.6 billion yuan on e-commerce platforms, independent sellers have successfully broken through!

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