How to register for Amazon promotion alliance (graphic steps)


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How to register the cross-border e-commerce logistics Amazon promotion alliance plan (graphic steps)

For those who want to passFacebookorTwitterFor those who make money by linking to social media websites,Amazon Affiliate ProgramAmazon Alliance Program) is a useful program.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Here is the registrationAmazon Associates Planning process.

ISign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

Go to the homepage of Amazon Associates and log in to start fillingAmazonAmazon affiliate program application.

How to register the cross-border e-commerce Amazon promotion alliance plan (graphic steps)

IIEnter the seller's personal information and website address

When a seller registers with Amazon Alliance, in order to get Amazon to approve the application, the seller should provide some personal information and website address.

1. In the "Personal Details" section, the seller needs to provide the name, email address and phone number. The seller also needs to select the country and state/province.

2. In the "Website Address" section, the seller needs to provide the URL of the website. Before the seller registers, please ensure that the website is an affiliate website of Amazon.

3. Select the account primary contact generated at the bottom of the page. The seller can select the payee option listed above to become the payee. Alternatively, the seller can use the second option to add another person.

3、 Create profile

The profile page will ask the seller to provide some information about the website or mobile app.

1. First enter the seller's Affiliate ID. The seller can use his own name or the name of the website. The ID will also be displayed in the affiliate link.

2. Then, describe the seller's website in a few lines. Select the theme that best represents the website, the category of Amazon products that the seller hopes to sell, and the type of website or app developed by the seller.

How to register the cross-border information Amazon promotion alliance plan (graphic steps)

In the Traffic&Monetization area of this page, the seller must describe how to channel the website and how the seller will profit from the materials. Select the option suitable for the seller's website from the options provided:

How to register the cross-border e-commerce Amazon promotion alliance plan (graphic steps)

4、 Select Payment Preferences

After creating the profile, click "Finish", and the seller will be directed to a page to confirm that the application has been submitted. The seller will also see some information about how to use the Associate ID and navigate the Amazon Alliance program.

Amazon will review the seller's application after the first sale through the website. If the buyer does not make at least three purchases within the next 180 days, the seller's application will be terminated.

The seller must also select payment and tax information, but it can be postponed to a later time.

5、 Create first link

Create a league link at the top of the page, for example: 。

Here, sellers can find items for sale and record their monthly progress:

How to register the Amazon Promotion Alliance of Seagoing Information (graphic steps)

Ensure that the required information is included in the payment process. The seller needs a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).

Amazon's alliance plan has many ways to make money, which is not difficult for anyone who wants to obtain passive income. It can be said that the Amazon Alliance plans to let sellers make money by "advertising Amazon products" on the website.

6、 Share Link

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that the seller still needsClick "Share this product with your followers" toFacebookorTwitterShare Amazon Alliance link on.

Following the techniques described above, it will take quite a long time to generate a basic link. But there is another solution, usingAmazonThe WordPress plug-in of the alliance website can speed up the creation process. With the help of appropriate plug-ins, sellers can quickly generate Amazon alliance links and spend more time writing attractive blog posts.

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