What are the reasons for Amazon FBA's warehouse splitting


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What are the reasons for Amazon FBA's warehouse division on the e-commerce platform

Amazon FBA sub warehouse is a particularly painful thing. For example, the same products and packaging may be distributed to Amazon FBA warehouse in the southwest of the United States, Arizona, and to Amazon FBA warehouse in the southeast of the United States, Florida.

For Amazon sellers, if the products arrive at different FBA warehouses, more expenses will be added. FBA already has storage fees, order fees, weighing and handling fees, etc. One warehouse is already expensive, and different warehouse fees are double economic pressures for sellers.

Amazon sub warehouse is for good management. It distributes all the seller's inventory in each city of the country. After users buy, it is the same as the domestic JD model for faster delivery.

Why is JD's delivery speed the fastest? You can receive the goods on the day you place an order before 11:00 on the same day. Otherwise, you can receive the goods the next day. The reason why the speed is so fast is that different warehouses of JD are distributed in the city. As long as users place orders, you can transfer goods at any time and deliver them directly to users at the fastest speed. Amazon FBA's goal of sub warehouse is the same. The principle of nearby distribution is also the same.

Amazon has always attached great importance to user experience. Amazon has a two day delivery service for prime members, which is the same model as JD. Self built warehouses are evenly distributed. No matter where the user is in the city, as long as the order is placed successfully, Amazon will transfer the goods from the Amazon FBA warehouse and deliver them to the buyer at the fastest speed.

Amazon FBA sub warehouse will be based on the degree of demand for products in each country. For example, Americans prefer to eat Chinese hot food sticks. Maybe the U.S. Amazon FBA warehouse has more hot food sticks than other countries;

In addition, although there are many people in Seattle in rainy season, they don't like to take umbrellas. Maybe there are few umbrellas distributed in Amazon FBA warehouse in Seattle, otherwise they will become unsalable goods.

Amazon FBA sub warehouse is mainly based on the factors of each FBA warehouse, such as the temperature and humidity of the FBA warehouse, as well as other factors, and comprehensively consider whether the seller's products meet the conditions, such as the cosmetics sold by the seller. The temperature of the Amazon FBA warehouse is very low, so it is not suitable to put cosmetics, because cosmetics will freeze and crack when the temperature is very low, and oil and water will separate after thawing, The texture also becomes bad, and it will also stimulate the skin.

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