300 million yuan a day! Snapchat leverages mass consumption of young generation


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according toIn the 2021 Q2 Consumer Trend Report released by Jungle Scout, the number of consumers who started searching through search engines continued to decline, while the number of consumers who started searching through social media websites increased.


In this process, social platformsSnapchat has become the main grass planting force of hundreds of millions of Generation Z and Millennials in the world, especially its filter and AR trial function, which can bring users an immersive experience and bring many fresh, interesting and eye-catching ideas to brand marketing.


Social darling of young people, leveraging 300 million Z generation consumption


Relative toFacebook, Instagram, people maySnapchat will be a little strange. SnapchatYes byStanford UniversityTwo studentsto2011Developed"Burn after reading" photo sharing application, users can take photos, record videos, add text and pictures, and share them with their friends list on the application. On August 20, 2021, the 2021 Hurun Global 500 released Snapchat, which ranked 151st with a value of 615 billion yuan.


in recent years,Snapchat has more and more fans among the younger generation. A survey released by eMarketer, an American market research institution, in 2018 showed that more and more young users in the United States are turning from Facebook to Snapchat. At that time, eMarketer predicted that Facebook would lose 2 million users under the age of 25 in 2018, while Snapchat would increase 1.9 million users in this age group.


At present,Snapchat has 306 million daily active users and 500 million monthly active users, reaching 75% of the world's millennials and Gen Zin the U.S.Snapchat has already exceeded 100 million users,Covering the United StatesMore than 90% of the population aged 13 to 24.byIn July 2021, Snapchat will have an average of 293 million dynamic clients every day, an increase of 23% over the previous year. Under normal conditions, 5 billion snapshots are sent every day. Snapchat is being known to more people at a younger age, especially those under the age of 16.


Li Zheng, Business Director of Snapchat China,The core user group of Snapchat is curious. Generation Z, full of creativity and individuality, likes to have fun interactions with friends and relatives on Snapchat, share daily and good things, and use novel AR filterslatelyThe hot topic on Snap is related sharing on Thanksgiving Day, which again reflects the strong social attributes of users.


Each social platformHave their own special humanistic attributesLike peopleWhen some important events in life need to be shared and released, WeChat friends circle will be used. When eating melons, you may go to microblogGlobally, different social platforms have different positioningandSnapchat positioningnamelyI hope the user canOn Snapchat, I freely express my emotions every day, without any praise or burden.


This also provides a rare opportunity for brands to accompany users daily.Snapchat users are mostly 13-34 years old,theirThe brand concept is still in the formative stage, and I am willing to try more brands. This undoubtedly creates a very good opportunity for cross-border e-commerce sellers to cut in.Li Zheng said.


To capture the hearts of young people, it is important to "play" together


Li Zheng said,Snapchat uses Snapchat for more than 30 minutes on average every daySo tallInteraction forCross border e-commerce sellersIt provides more opportunities to contact them.


During this period, how can the sellerCapture their hearts? Understand their preferences and characteristics, andIt's important to play together.


Li Zheng introduced,SnapchatterFeatures include:ICurious, good at learning new things through multiple channelsreal-time info, like exploring the unknownIIThe information is absorbed quickly and is not afraid of new challenges;IIICreative, interested in novelty, and know how to create and design digital media content


It is these characteristics that have promoted the prosperity and development of the social e-commerce industry in recent yearsAt the same timeMore focus on the unique trackDTC E-commerce Success


And theyFavorite contentthen isIt is highly creative, integrates diversified aesthetics, is real and not artificial, novel and interesting, respects personality and different identity cognition, and conforms to the current trend.


graspSnapchat's aesthetics can often form the spontaneous communication of users to achieve unexpected excellent marketing effects.Li Zheng speaks frankly.


In addition, as a platform,SnapchatThey will also provide some support to overseas enterprises, so that they can have a good starting point and will not have major problems at the beginning.


Snapchat usually supports cross-border e-commerce in three aspectsFirst, local insight, often giving some local industry insight, research reports and marketing trendsThe second is creative strategy. What kind of interaction mode, element, color and how to combine creativity are very important for local users.threeIt is an operation guide, including the marketing direction in the peak season and some bidding guidance


For example, in terms of creative strategies,SnapchatIt was proposed to the sellerThe creative secret of 5 major electronic commodity advertisements:


Clothing, shoes and hats:Show clothing characteristics through models. For footwear brands,360 degree product view is very easy for consumers to plant grass.

Beauty category:By showing multiple products in one video to create more sales opportunities, practical video is more likely to attract consumers, and the sound effect cannot be ignored.

FMCG:Don't always focus on products, but show customers' love for products from multiple angles. Consumers are more inclined to buy brands that people like, and the recommendations of other users are very important.

electronic product:Advertising should not only attach importance to the display of products, but also show the advantages of products through the impressive data of products or sales.

Housewear & Furnishings:Focus on product trial and operation steps,90% of videos have real people and voices, but product promoters usually do not show up.


You can "try it on" without entering the store. The AR shopping filter is really fragrant


In Snapchat's camera based marketing strategy, the new interactive experience that AR brings to users is the biggest highlight. Immersive shopping filters build a direct dialogue bridge between the brand and Snapchat, making Snapchat users potential sellers.


along withWith the development of AR technology, the frequency of consumers using AR is growing rapidly. According to a report of eMarketer, in 2021, it is estimated that more than 93 million people in the U.S. market will use AR at least once a month, and this number will grow to 101 million in 2022.


SnapchatstayAR marketing was launched in 2020. SnapML and other tools developed by it transform the camera filter into a fitting mirror. Users can try it on, on and on through the mobile phone screen. If they are satisfied, they can buy it through the relevant buttons in the filter.


The daily life at sea is 300 million! Snapchat leverages mass consumption of young generation


According to the data, at presentSnapchat has 200 million users "playing" AR every day.80% are interested in the virtual shopping experience brought by AR, and 46% use AR or VR for online shopping.Intentionally used before shoppingAROfhave70% of users will try on clothes, 64% will try on shoes, 65% will try on sunglasses, 63% will try on jewelry, and 57% will try on hats.


nowadaysSnapchatofAR shopping filter has become a gold broker, and has become popular with many brands. For example, the use of AR shopping filters in FMCG marketing activities has increased brand awareness by 2.5 times and action intention by 1.1 times, and the use of AR shopping filters in retail product marketing activities has increased brand awareness by 2 times and action intention by 2 times.


Low investment and high returnAR shopping filter has become the person in charge of sales. Compared with the marketing activities without AR shopping filters, the marketing activities with AR shopping filters have an average increase of more than 46% in brand penetration and 14% in incremental sales.


stayOn December 13, the first 2021 Mid China Cross border E-Commerce Seller Brand Sailing Summit hosted by Yeon.com,Li Zheng, Business Director of Snapchat ChinaWill useE-commerce dividend from Snapchat's new social perspective”Is the theme,Bring targetedDTC differentiation scheme and playing method suggestions on Snap.You can click"Read the original text" or scan the QR code below to register for the conference and listen on siteLi ZhengDry goods shared.


Three hundred million b2b daily live! Snapchat leverages mass consumption of young generation

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