The eBay page publicly displays sales data, and the seller thinks that privacy is violated!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

In some mainstream e-commerce shopping platforms in China, it is common to display the general sales data of products, which can provide a reference for consumers when shopping.


recentlyOnline shopping platformeBay alsoStarted in theirPublic display on the pageSeller's sales,Everyone is currently browsingYou can see the sales volume and browsing volume of products on eBay's website, which triggered a reflection on the seller's privacy


It is reported that,The seller was not informed of this change of eBay platform in advance. A seller commented, "I have no idea when eBay started publishing my sales data." This week,Many sellersEBay is very dissatisfied with this behavior. They think that the disclosure of these data violates their privacy.


Some sellers said that their published data would change. On Monday,The eBay website shows the sales of their products; On Wednesday, it began to show the sales volume of products.And,EBay does not mark the time period of these data.Sellers can infer the time period for the completion of these data from their own sales, but consumers have no way to know.


Currently, atOn eBay websiteThe announcement about this change has not been found yet.Therefore, many sellers may not knowEBay is publishing their sales data.


There is a seller on this WednesdayofThis question was raised at eBay's weekly chat meeting and asked eBayWhyPut theirSales dataAdd to store homepage.The seller also wrote:"In my opinioneBayyesAttaches great importance to the privacy of buyersof So I hopeEBay allows sellers to choose whether to publish sales data, rather than disclose it directly on the website page. "


In the ensuing discussion,EBay moderator clarifiedWhat's the content? First, the sales data displayed on the page is from the sales data in theThe total amount since the eBay platform was sold; Secondly, this data is the sales of a single account of the seller, not the sum of all accounts owned.


eBay's announcement of sellers' sales data can indeed improve consumers' shopping experience to some extent. However, it is still somewhat "ungrateful" to conduct such an important update without informing the seller in advance.

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