With Christmas approaching, the sales of toys in Britain will increase


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

At this time last year,NPD Group reported that,britainThe demand for toys before Christmas increased year on year. However,NPD's latest research by the end of November shows that the situation will be different in 2021. Compared with the bumper year of the toy industry in 2020, the sales volume of toys has decreased by 4.7% and 0.8% so far.


However, if these sales are compared withCompared with the "normal" 2019, the sales volume has increased by 3.9%, and many consumers have not yet prepared for this big dayenoughBuy toys.


Melissa Symonds, Executive Director, UK Toys Division, NPD Groupexpress"The epidemic has accelerated the changes in the types and ways of buying toys. Assembled toys, puzzlesetc.Sales in the online channel also increased, especially for high priced toys. althoughConcerns about supply chain tension and out of stock still exist, and many consumers stillExpecting toyscanPrice reduction and discountTherefore, it is planned toOnly the last few weeks before ChristmasThis phenomenon isDuring Black FridayIt has also been revealed.


this yearYear on year sales growth on Black Friday4%consumeryesHigh priceThe demand for toys is particularly strongSix of the top ten sold for more than50 pounds, some even higher.The top ten include:Barbie Dream House, Ghost CatchersECTO-1, Manway Infinity Gauntlet Infinite Gloves, HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS EXPRESS, KIDIZOOM DUO DX, MY MAGIC MIXIES, TECHNIC LAMBORGHINI SIAN FKP 37, TECHNIC MCLAREN SENNA GTR, Barbie Three in One Dream CamperAnd Star Wars Darth Vader helmets.In general, fromSince 2019, the average selling price of toys has increased by 7.7% this year, from 9.01 pounds to 9.70 pounds.


As the customer flow of physical stores is decreasing, online browsing is also decreasingToys worth 20 pounds or lessIt was impacted.


Compared with the significant growth in sales of some toy categories last yearIn 2021, the sales of some toy categories will decline this year.However, withCompared with the "normal" 2019, we can see that the number of assembled toys has increased by 25%, the number of puzzles has increased by 24%, and the number of board games has increased by 15%.


NPDAlso notice that the game of cardssinceThe sales volume has doubled since 2020. This is mainly driven by Pokemon, but other games are becoming more and more popular.

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