10000 children's clothes were recalled and sold on multiple platforms


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

followCPSC can find that recall events are often seen, and there are many more from Amazon platform, including children's products. Recently, a children's gown was recalled.


This recall involves's children's robes come in six sizestwo3-45-66-77-8 and 10-12”, black, navy blue, blue grid, red grid, red, precious blueAnd greySeven colorsThere are two pockets and a belt in the front of the clothes, and the back of the collar is printed with"Made in China" and "100% Polyester" labels.


The robetoAugust 2019 to June 2021Available on Amazon and Wal MartpricestayBetween $35 and $45, the number of recalls involved this time10000 piecesThe reason for the recall is still that it does not meet the federal flammability standard for children's pajamas, and there is a risk of child burnsAt present, no relevant accident report has been received.


According to the recommendations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States, consumers should immediately stop using and contact the seller to obtain a corresponding refund.


Children's safety has always been paid attention to, so the review of all kinds of children's products is also relatively strict. In addition to the common non conformance to the flammability standard, children's clothes are recalled for various reasons. Recently, a children's jumpsuit was recalled becauseBecause the button is easy to slip, there is a hidden danger of suffocation for children.


According to the data, in the first three quarters of this year, the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission(CPSC) has issued 173 recall notifications, and children's products are also among the hardest hit areas.In the recalledAmong the 13 textile and clothing products, there were 7 children's pajamas in total. The main reason for recall was that the products did not meet the flammability standard of children's pajamas and there was a risk of children being burned.It can be seen that for children's clothing,The importance of "flammability standard".


In addition to clothing, toys are also frequent customers of children's recalls. For children's products, sellers should be careful.


The recall will not only affect the seller's reputation, but also cause a considerable loss. The seller should strictly control the product quality to avoid the risk of recall.




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