Amazon is accused of advertising fraud


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Amazon was sued by the labor union for advertising fraud.


It is not uncommon for Amazon to be sued. RecentlyFailure to disclose advertisements in search results, suspected of cheating millions of consumers, was prosecuted by the trade union.


The complaint is submitted by the Strategic Organization Center(SOC) submitted that the alliance was composed of four trade unions representing 4 million workers from all walks of life, claiming that Amazon violated the federal disclosure regulations, which required visual identification of advertisements in search. SOCIt is also mentioned in the document that,SOC found evidence that Amazon ignored FTCThis provision of,in additionIt also intentionally delays the loading of advertising labels by a few secondsTo confuseConsumersadvertisementofdistinguish.


SOC vs approxThe search results of 130000 products were analyzedClaim that most ads cannot be distinguished from natural search results, so they questioned the Amazon platform. Amazon subsequently responded that the complaint wrongly statedFTC rules, and Amazon platform is fully compliant with the rules, and the ads also contain obvious "sponsorship" tags.


Amazon also stated that,"Our original intention of designing the platform is to help customers find products that we think can best meet their needs. Advertising is also one of the methods."


Advertising is an important source of revenue for Amazon. If it is not differentiated, it is indeed suspected of cheating consumers.FTC did not comment on this matter, and the follow-up results need to wait and see.


In addition to this accusation,Last month, SOC also released a report on Amazon's operations during the epidemic, which pointed out that Amazon took maximizing profits as a priority, and strongly resisted the government's standardized monitoring of the epidemic in its operations.


Amazon's struggle with trade unions continues. In recent years, Amazon has faced many lawsuits and accusations, such as employment problems, tax feesA series of problems, such as anti-monopoly, were complained about because they violated the rights and interests of employees, such as improper epidemic prevention and control, unfair treatment, and failure to consider the health of employees. Therefore, there are many strikes of various sizes.


As the representative of e-commerce giant, Amazon has many disputes, and all aspects need to be strictly supervised.

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