The Christmas season is coming to an end. Is the sales volume still bleak?


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Christmas is coming in less than two weeks. According to Amazon sellers, according to past practices, it is now the time for Christmas product sales to break out. Excluding the soaring sales caused by the epidemic last year, the sales of products in the same period of two years before the epidemic have reached two to three times the normal sales. However, at present, the sales of products this year are not optimistic.


It is understood that it is not an exception for sellers with less product quantities. In addition to ordinary products, the sales of Christmas Day products did not reach the estimates of most sellers. Although some sellers tried to stimulate sales through price reduction, the effect was not obvious, and the price reduction also brought another more serious impact——The profit is almost zero. Many sellers have sighed: Christmas is no longer the grand occasion of the past!


In addition to the North American market, there is a similar situation in the UK market. Most sellers think there are the following reasons:


1. Big sellers account for most of the traffic, while small sellers have no competitive advantage

2. Serious inflation, insufficient purchasing power of consumers, and more rational consumption

3. Most consumers choose to shop in advance (some sellers saidIn October, its Christmas products began to be sold out)

4. Affected by logistics, products arrive late and are slow to be put on shelves

5. Amazon has more new sellers and traffic is divided

6. Affected by Amazon system paralysis


However, some sellers said that although the price of their products rose again and again, the supply still fell short of demand. Among them, household products are more obvious, especially some products with higher demand. In addition, in terms of color, the sales of Christmas color products such as dark red and red also showed a significant upward trend. It is understood that although the sales volume of these products has an upward trend, their explosive power has also been greatly reduced.


In view of the fact that the sales volume did not reach the expectation, some sellers have started to take countermeasures. Especially for products on Christmas Day, once the festival is over, the sales of products will show a precipitous downward trend. At present, most sellers mainly take the following measures: reduce prices or clear positions in advance. The main reason for this is that after Christmas, the sales season has entered, and the effect of price reduction may not be obvious.

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