How Amazon Sellers Prevent Infringement


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How to Prevent Infringement by Amazon Sellers Going Abroad

For many Amazon sellers, how to prevent infringement events is not very good, or not perfect. I believe many Amazon sellers are familiar with infringement events in Amazon. Even if they have not involved in infringement events, they have heard a lot about infringement events, such as fingertip monkey toy infringement which was very popular a few years ago, because of intellectual property infringement, Many sellers have been severely punished and lost.

Whether it's a novice or an experienced Amazon seller, Amazon sellers must always abide by Amazon rules, follow the rules, not touch the red line, and not do illegal things to make the Amazon store bigger and stronger. Of course, Amazon sellers must do a good job in preventing infringement events to avoid causing more trouble to sellers.

How Amazon Sellers Prevent Infringement

1、Register your own trademark

If the seller registers the trademark in time, the seller's rights and interests can be well protected.

The process is that the seller first queries the trademark to see if any other seller has registered. For example, if the products in North America have registered American trademarks, you can open the website of the United States Trademark Office to query. If not, you can register; Then apply for a trademark, and the seller can generally pass the application if he provides true and detailed information; Finally, you can get your own trademark.

2. Obtain formal sales authorization

If it is an agent, the seller should obtain the formal authorization of the brand and trademark of the product before selling the product and putting it on the market. If it does not obtain the formal trademark authorization, it has no right to sell this product. Without the legal use of the trademark, it is easy to have infringement.

The agent should ask the supplier for formal authorization in a timely manner. If the supplier cannot provide legal information, Amazon sellers are advised to choose carefully to avoid causing great trouble to the store.

3. Avoid mistakes in details

Pay attention to the details. For example, when setting the name of the store, you should not use the same name as that of a big brand or follow the name of a big brand, which is easy to be misunderstood;

In addition, in the listing, try to use the original pictures, titles, descriptions, etc. of the seller as much as possible. Don't just copy other sellers. As a result, if you upload their brand information or keywords, and pictures with their logos, infringement will occur, which will bring great trouble to the seller.

4. Control from the selection

At the beginning of selecting products, sellers should pay attention to the infringement problem. They can query the trademark website first. If they find that products have registered trademarks, they should avoid selecting such products to avoid infringement problems; When selecting suppliers, you should pay more attention. For example, you should pay attention to the identification of suppliers' information to see whether you are sure of the authenticity and whether the products are genuine, imitations or fakes. Only by knowing these things, can sellers better sell their products.

How can Amazon sellers prevent infringement? They have to start from themselves, seize every link, and not ignore small details. For example, when selecting products, they should not choose products with trademarks, and avoid using others for product packagingLogo, can do a good job of infringement.

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