What to do when Amazon sellers are complained of selling fake goods


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What to do when Amazon sellers are complained of selling fake goods

Amazon platform has always been zero tolerance for fakes. If Amazon sellers are complained of selling fakesIf a seller is found to sell fake goods, he will be severely punished and may be permanently closed down.

The seller is complained of selling fake goods for various reasons. If the buyer thinks the product quality is poor, he may think it is a fake; Or the buyer may be judged as a fake if the goods received do not conform to the picture; Or if the product's outer package is damaged and the brand logo cannot be seen clearly, it will also be considered as a fake; There are also malicious complaints, which are intentional complaints that the product is fake.

If Amazon really finds out that the seller sells fake goods, the account may be closed, the funds may be frozen, and the Amazon store cannot operate normally, which will bring great trouble to the seller.

What to do when Amazon sellers are complained of selling fake goods

If a seller is complained of selling fake goods, he can appeal to Amazon and show effective evidence to prove that his product is not fake.

Of course, sometimes it is a misjudgment to be accused of selling fake goods. For example, other sellers sell their own products, but it is not the seller's own product that has a problem. Therefore, such sellers should find evidence in time, such as the link they sell, to prove their innocence to Amazon.

When the seller complains to Amazon, he/she should take out the invoice, receipt and contract of the product. These are all key evidences. The seller should provide these materials in time to prove the authenticity of the product and that the product is genuine, not fake.

For example, the invoice, contract, supplier's brand authorization, invoice contract, etc. when the seller purchases goods are all key evidences, which can prove the innocence of the Amazon seller.

The probability of Amazon selling fake goods is very low. Generally speaking, sellers will not take risks to sell fake goods, because it is not easy to operate Amazon stores. From product selection to product promotion and operation, as well as logistics costs, if you sell fake goods, all these things are useless, and all of them are lost. I believe that sellers will not do this. Once the seller is complained of selling fake goods, the blow is very severe.

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