Does the buyer engage in free prostitution through the A-Z policy? The seller has difficulties that cannot be explained


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

The Amazon platform has never been a stagnant pool, with bizarre events happening every day, and the grudges and grudges between platform buyers and sellers are constantly unfolding. When browsing the seller forum on the UK website, the editor found that a seller accused him of being picked up by a buyerWhite whoring.


The seller said,The customer passed on the pretext of not receiving the packageThe A-Z policy has submitted an application,Amazon actually agreed to the buyerA refund request of £ 107. But the actual situation is that as early as a month ago, there was contact between the buyer and seller, and the buyer also clearly stated that they had received the package.

B2B buyers engage in free prostitution through the A-Z policy? The seller has difficulties that cannot be explained

The seller stated that if it isEven a small item worth 10 yuan and 20 yuan is fine, but it's a building material worth over 100 pounds. What's even more infuriating is that the seller, after receiving a refund, actually purchased the same product again, seriously suspecting that the buyer was using Amazon's policies for prostitution.


In this regard, many sellers in the comment area felt the same way, leaving suggestions to the post owners and roast about the Amazon platform.


sellerA: Really angry! Previously, the buyer had clearly stated that they had received the package and had photos as evidence, but Amazon insisted on only using the signature as evidence of package receipt. Didn't they know that signatures are easily forged?


sellerB: Amazon does need to reconsider its signature policy. In the short term, it is not realistic for couriers and Royal Mail to retrieve signatures. In the future, it is highly possible to use photos and location as evidence of package receipt.


sellerC: I haven't signed it for two years. We send our products to Amazon FBA every day, and we haven't seen any sign from Amazon. You can submit a SAFE-T claim application, and if there is sufficient evidence on your end, you can receive compensation.


Besides the seller mentioned above, Amazon only accepts signaturesIn addition to the "rigid" policy, there are also many sellers who suggest that the poster seek help from the police, but this is not easy to achieve. Even more sensitive sellers have mentioned that if your gross profit cannot offset the potential fraud costs you may encounter on the platform, it is time to consider switching platforms.


In fact, there are not many similar cases on the Amazon platform, but due to Amazon's greater emphasis on the shopping experience of buyers, it is often the sellers who suffer. The editor can only remind sellers and friends to study platform policies and conduct case studies during the operation process to avoid being unjustified.

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