The summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


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The First Central China (Zhengzhou) Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Overseas Summit in 2021 is herePerfect ending! In the morning, there were exciting performances, and in the afternoon, the performances were not to be outdone,The independent station special session is also full of dry goods.How can sellers quickly layout independent websites,How to utilizeHot topics such as TikTok's creation of popular products and efficient marketing methods for independent websites were analyzed by the speakers one by one.


Chang Zhenzhen, Operations Director of the New E-commerce Business Department of EasanoBringingLayout independent station-Analyzing the Path of DTC-Brand's Overseas Growth”A wonderful speech on the theme.


The Cross border Information Summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


Chang Zhenzhen stated that some new consumers preferDTC brand. The operation of independent stations can be divided intoProduct selection, operation, payment, and deliveryFour aspects. Chang Zhenzhen believes that during theWhen selecting DTC brand products, sellers should pay attention toLong and short term market demand, repurchase rate and profit margin, advantages and disadvantages of supply chainas well asInvestment costFour aspects. At the same time, attention should also be paid to consumer needs. The current macro consumption trend of consumers is authenticity, minimalism, community, and individuality.


Chang Zhenzhen also emphasized the need to comply with the policy of drainage channels when building independent stations. When discussing how to form an independent station operation team, Chang Zhenzhen believes thatEstablishing a refined operational team is also very important.


Subsequently, Chang Zhenzhen shared how independent station drainage should be carried out. In the cross-border e-commerce purchasing process, different stages require efforts from different channels. In the overall operation loop of the independent station, advertising diversion is very important. In the early stages of independent website development, sellers need more exposure from social media platforms to reach more customers. During the stable period of development, sellers can gradually increase the proportion of paid search advertisements.


When facing many marketing channels, you can learn fromChannel size, new acquisition capacity, and channel qualityConduct analysis from multiple perspectives.


I believe that every seller has a heart to become a big seller, but for sellers, this process is always long and difficult. How emerging brands can quickly start the layout of independent websites is a common concern for all sellers.


Zhao Wenzhong, the project leader of Henan Langu Technology Independent StationHow emerging brands can quickly start the layout of independent websites "was shared.


The Sail Away Summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


Zhao Wenzhong believes that the advantage of domestic Taobao or brand sellers in independent website transformation lies inAbundant funds and rich operational experienceas well asProduct awesomeHowever, most of these brands have disadvantages such as a lack of awareness of foreign consumption concepts, a lack of cross-border resources and talents in the cross-border field, and weak control of cross-border risks.


Zhao Wenzhong stated that the necessary conditions for establishing an independent brand station includeHaving a product line suitable for foreign customers, a team with cross-border operation experience, the ability to control financial risks, stable traffic channel resources, misplaced competition, and full support from the bossWait for a few aspects.


When operating independent station brands, sellers should choose the beginning based on their own advantages. Zhao Wenzhong believes that when selecting products,The vertical subdivision category of 'small and beautiful' is a good choice. Products in this category haveLow competition, precise audience, easy control of product resources, and low pressure on traffic and payment channelsVarious advantages such as.


Subsequently, Zhao Wenzhong proposed several suggestions for sellers who want to build independent websites, including:Choose a suitable domain name or product to solve a certain problem (preferably just needed);Slogan is the soul of a website; Explore the precise audience of the product; Customize product categories and tell brand stories well.


Finally, Zhao Wenzhong shared the ultimate goal of becoming an independent website, which is to have natural traffic and repurchase, so that customers can pay for the brand premium.


The industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and there is no doubt that,The era of 'products are king' has arrived, so how did independent big sellers emerge?


Nanjing Fast FashionJin Xiangyuan, the head of the top independent e-commerce platformConducted withHow did the independent website sales, where products are king, emergeSharing on the theme.


The Sail Away Summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


Jin Xiangyuan shared the key to winning the business model. He believes that in the first stage, sellers can use low traffic cost technical tactics; In the second stage, the seller can use a high repurchase product combination strategy; In the third stage of operation, sellers can use high value-added brand strategies.


Jin Xiangyuan analyzed the price frequency model and divided products into several types based on low frequency, high frequency, low price, and high price. Jin Xiangyuan believes that high-frequency inductive products should be given priorityProduct sales; High frequency rational products should pay attention toProduct Services; Low frequency rational products should pay attention toSales volume and brand of the product; Finally, low-frequency sensory products should pay attention toSales volume and profit of the product.


Finally, Jin Xiangyuan shared his views on whether cross-border e-commerce is a trend or a trend. Jin Xiangyuan believes that:Cross border e-commerce, the way you treat it as a trend is the way it is done. Only by treating it as a trend can it be a trend


2022 is approaching, and a new year is about to begin. What new cross-border trends should independent website sellers understand and master?


At the meeting,Chai Ximei, Product Training Director of Xichuang TechnologyBringingwithWin the battle2022 Revealing New Trends in Independent Station Overseas Marketing”A speech on the theme. Chai Ximei believes that the epidemic has accelerated the already growing e-commerce business, and currently is the best time for brands to go global.


The Cross border E-commerce Summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


Next, Chai Ximei took an inventorySelection trends for this year's peak season. Chai Ximei stated that this year, the United States has31% of consumers started holiday shopping before the end of October, while the majority chose online shopping. In terms of shopping trends,Sustainable product and gift expensesIt is a major trend during the peak season.The theme of Christmas is gifts and decorations, while the keyword of New Year is carnival party supplies.


Chai Ximei believes that when conducting peak season marketing, sellers need to pay attention to analyzing data from previous seasons, responding to peak seasons in advance, stocking up as early as possible, pre advertising and social media promotion, reducing abandonment rates, and localizing payment methods.


In addition, Chai XimeiHow to Build a SuccessfulAnalyze and explain the issue of DTC brand. stayProduct aspectTo create interesting products based on cost-effectiveness; stayStarting aspectTo focus on the core selling points of the product and achieve high-precision and high-intensity brand exposure in a short period of time through various marketing methods; stayBrand aspectWe should attach importance to user experience and make it a top priority; In terms of traffic, content should be the axis and data driven.


TikTok is becoming increasingly popular abroad, allowing a group of sellers to see new business opportunities. However, how should TikTok "play" and how can sellers use TikTok to create popular products?The founder of Hangzhou Chuanliu, Wu Jiayang, broughtA speech with the theme of "How to use TikTok to create a blockbuster".


Wu Jiayang explainedTikTok e-commerce drainage system. Meanwhile, based on his own practical experience, Wu Jiayang shared that although live streaming sales can currently be ordered, the ROI of live streaming is currently very low and cannot achieve large-scale profitability, and large-scale fans are the prerequisite for profitability. On TikTok, mass moving content to create an account matrix belongs to the fast money of collecting wool and is not sustainable. However, using overseas versions of "Doujia" advertisements to attract followers and sell goods is reliable, and the conversion of sales is poor.


Subsequently, Wu Jiayang sharedThe process of activating TikTok Shopping. In summary, it can be summarized as follows: activate Shopify - activate TikTok advertising account - activate TikTok Shopping advertising - obtain traffic orders.


In addition, Wu Jiayang also stated that after testing, they found that the currentOn TikTokBeauty and women's clothing category productsHot selling, with the highest profit margin, especially for beauty purposescosmetic contact lensesandNail products.


Finally, Wu Jiayang gave an outlook on the future of cross-border e-commerce: HopeTikTok's cross-border dream comes true! China's cross-border e-commerce is definitely getting better!


The Sail Away Summit has come to a successful conclusion! The independent station is super and the dry goods are all here


At this point, the exciting and colorful "First Central Cross border E-commerce Seller Brand Sailing Summit" has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you to the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce for guidance and the naming merchantsFacebook, as well as mainstream cross-border industry service providers such as Lotte Express, Snapchat, Baidu International, Diansi, and Xichuang Technology, have provided support. At the same time, we would like to thank the guests and practitioners present for their speeches and listening throughout the day. Wishing every seller inspiration from the dry goods sharing of all the big shots, replicating their successful experiences, and getting on the fast selling train as soon as possible!

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