Questions about Amazon A+page: What can't be done?


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Questions about Amazon's A+page of cross-border information: What can't be done?

A well structuredAmazon A+ContentHelps optimize product listing and providesAmazonProduct drainage. Want to create high-qualityAmazon A+ ContentThere are many details on the page that need the seller's attention.

IWhat can't I do to create A+content?

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that when creatingAmazon A+The following operations are not recommended. include:

oneDo not use ™ or ® Such a symbol or special character.

twoCheck the requirements of the module, such as image resolution and size.

threeNever give any contact information about the company.

fourDon't call an enterprise a distributor or a seller.

fiveMake sure that no transport information is mentioned.

sixDo not use references from third parties (e.g., references, comments, etc.).

sevenDoes not include any low quality images.

eightDo not reuse the same product photos.

nineDo not link to any other website.

10. Try not to violate Amazon policies or category requirements.

11. Do not use controversial propositions or opinions, such as "The Best" or "The Top".

12. Avoid overuse of capitals or bold type. Don't use cutting-edge, green or environmentally friendly buzzwords.

13. Please proofread the content before submitting it. Please do not submit the content with grammar or spelling errors.

14. Amazon refuses to list products that do not follow its guidelines.

IIWhen can I not add A+content?

There are two cases where A+content cannot be added to the product listing.

1. If the seller has beenASINHas published content, you may encounter problems. In this case, Amazon does not allow sellers to add additional A+content.

2. Since brand registration cannot be used for media, video, digital or book products, sellers of these categories cannot use“Enhanced Brand Content”。

IIISeller and VC SellerA+Content Qualification Criteria for

In order to maximize the use of additional visual content, sellers must register and obtain approval from Amazon Brand Registry. In addition, sellers participating in projects such as Launchpad or Amazon Exclusions can also automatically access A+content.

1. Suitable sellers can add EBC content to any ASIN they own according to the Global Catalog Identifier (GCDI) and quote for it. Amazon A+Content can be added to the parent ASIN and child ASIN.

2. For VC sellers, it is easier to use A+Content. VC sellers can automatically add enhanced images and text to the product listing.

4、 Differences between sellers and VC sellers in A+content

Blue Ocean Yiguan learned that the seller andVC sellerThere are only some differences in Amazon A+Content specifications. In addition to the qualification criteria, the only difference seems to be Premium A+functions (video, interactive content), onlyVC sellerTo get this feature at a very high price.

Some sellers often confuse A+content with Premium A+content. There is a slight difference between the two.

Premium A+content is the advanced version of A+content. The seller is granted enhanced functions, such as product video loop, highly advanced comparison chart widget, and attractive customer evaluation part.

Premium A+content, also known as Amazon A++content, is an exclusive program of AmazonVC sellerto open up.

This is not a free service, because AmazonVC sellerUsing these features in the product description requires an additional cost of 250000 to 500000 dollars.

At present,AmazonThe use of A+Premium content is limited to a few brands. Expected all AmazonVC seller in the futureCan be used.

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