Fluctuation of epidemic situation promotes the sales of small household appliances and cleaning and nursing products to break out!


Source: ennews

The epidemic moment affects the life and consumption of people all over the world. Now, the emergence of COVID-19 mutant virus does not only affect people's lives.


In November, South Africa and some African countries were exposed to the presence of infected people with the new variant of Omicron. Later, some countries in Europe, the Americas and other countries successively showed confirmed patients with the new variant.


Even Israel, Japan and other countries have implemented the policy of"No flight" order to avoid the continued deterioration of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people's lives around the world have been affected to varying degrees, andAfter the middle of November, it is the "Black Five" and "Online One". What impact does the appearance of Omicron have on people's consumption behavior in the peak shopping season?


It is understood that since the emergence of new mutant strainsMore attentionCleaning and CareThis year'sDuring the "Black Five" period,cleanSales of products, bedding, washing products and bath products are growing.


The sales of household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, ironing machines and deep carpet cleaners used for cleaning are also rising. The sales of massagers and electric toothbrushes are also increasing.


One of NPD GroupAccording to an online survey, Americans plan to spend on gifts this holiday shopping season785 dollars, of which 31% said they would buy household items as holiday gifts this year.


The preliminary sales data of the Black Five week show that the sales of small household appliances increased by 14% over last year.The female beauty care market is also very broad, and skin care products, cosmetics and other products are also popular in the female market.


The upcoming Christmas season is a traditional festival in Europe and the United States. What changes will people in different countries have in their consumption behavior when new mutant strains appear? Sellers can always pay attention to the sales trend of the target market and welcome the hot sales in the Christmas season!

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