How to write a letter of appeal when Amazon review is closed


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How to write a letter of appeal when going to sea to control Amazon review is closed

We all know the importance of review to Amazon stores. The higher the rating, the more stars you get, and the more exposure you will have. Amazon will also have a lot of inclined traffic to sellers, which is why many sellers try every way to control Amazon review.

Amazon has many restrictions on reviews. For example, sellers cannot write reviews for themselves, exchange money or gifts for high-quality reviews, or exchange discount promotions or coupons. So sellers use other methods, such as swiping orders or tools, to improve the quality of reviews.

If the seller uses the wrong method to improve the review and controls the closure of Amazon review, it will pay a heavy price. In light cases, Amazon listing may be taken off the shelf and in serious cases, the store may be closed directly.

The seller has made every effort to improve the review. Amazon has become more and more strict in controlling the review of various market chaos manipulation behaviors of Amazon, and has explicitly prohibited the use of any improper means that do not conform to Amazon's rules to brush the review.

How to write the complaint letter of closing Amazon review

As an Amazon seller, you should know that when writing a letter of complaint, you should first show your attitude, be sincere, admit your mistakes, write down the reason for the problem, then take action, and finally make a commitment.

First of all, you should admit your mistakes to Amazon. It is against Amazon's rules to manipulate Amazon's review behavior. You must have a good attitude to admit your mistakes. At the same time, you should not be too wordy. Because staff have limited time, they have to deal with a lot of work every day;

Then explain to Amazon the reason for manipulating Amazon review and why it should be done. If the bill swiping tool used can provide detailed third-party information, as well as the buyer's account, the chances of recovery will be greater;

The last and most important thing is the action plan. Write a good plan for the future. This can be written in more detail. The more detailed it is, the greater the chance of saving the account. It also needs to ensure that the same mistakes will not be made again in the future.

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