Consumer sentiment is optimistic, and 148 million Americans are expected to attend Super Saturday


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

The mood of American consumers is gradually turning to optimism


According to the American Retail FederationNRF)andProsper Insights & Analytics' annual survey,exceed148 million consumers planOn the last Saturday before Christmas this yearDecember 18)I.eSuper SaturdayShop in stores and online.


This figure is higher than last year's150 million people decreased, but higher than 147 million in 2019. Since NRF in 2016Since the statistics of Super Saturday2021Expected number of shoppersReached historyThe third highest.


stayIn 2019, Super Saturday surpassed Black Friday with sales of 34.4 billion dollarsUS $31.2 billion)、Small Business Saturday(19.6 billion US dollars) and Wangyi (9.1 billion US dollars)WhenAnnual largestshoppingDay.


According to the survey, during this year's Super Saturday,More than a quarter27%Consumers ofplanOnly shop in the store,Nearly one-third(32%ofI plan to shop only online. Most people41%The two channels will be used together


According to the survey,Consumer sentiment is gradually turning to optimismmajority71%Holiday shoppers say theystayMost of the timeinCan find themneed's merchandiseHigh optimismtwo-thirds67%People ofexpressBelieve inEnough to find gifts and other items needed for this year's holiday.


But many people still intend to end their shopping as soon as possible,42% plan to buy their last gift before December 18This ratio is higher than that of a year ago40%。However, there are stillMore than half52%Thirty percent of the people expected that they would pick the last gift in the week before Christmas.


so far,during holidaysThe most popular gifts includeclothes& decoration 44%, Toys30%, books and other media26%, Gift Card25%And electronics20%


65% of holiday shoppers plan to shop within a week after Christmas。 The main reason why consumers plan to shop during this period is to use discounts and promotions42%And the use of gift cards24%


NRFbefore forecast,two hundred and twooneAnnual holiday sales will increase8.5% to 10.5%, reaching $843.4 billion to $859 billion.however,NRF now predictsSales may increase over last year11.5%。

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