Popular variety shows have sparked a craze, with eBay related search volume skyrocketing by 104%!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

The current popular TV variety shows often drive the sales of related items that appear inside. Dance program《Strictly Come Dancing 》It is currently one of the most popular television programs in the UK.


according toEBay Ads UKofAccording to relevant data, whenever an episode of a program is updated, fans and viewers are inspired to search for related items online.


This year, on the day of the program's broadcast,EBay Ads UKDisplay for program nameStrictly”Compared to the previous day, the keyword search volume of has skyrocketed by 104%; And another keyword“Ballroom”The search volume of has also increased by 94%.


stayOn Google trends, we can also see that from the start of the broadcast to the day after the program is updated, there will be an increase in search for related terms.


The popularity of e-commerce platforms and variety shows have sparked a craze, with eBay related search volume skyrocketing by 104%!


Strictly Come Dancing 》And it also brought fireThe activity of 'dance' has influenced many viewers to start dancing. Therefore, it has also driven the sales of dance related products.


according toAccording to eBay's statistics, the search volume for "tap shoes" and "tight jumpsuit" increased by 96% and 28% respectively in this year's opening show.


Additionally, female consumers are interested inThe search volume for 'tap shoes' has increased by 95%, while the search volume for male consumers has increased by 173%, almost twice that of women.This also indicates that the relevant sellers are in contact with theseWhen it comes to 'program fans', it is also important to consider the needs of all genders.


In addition to the program itself, the costumes of the actors also have a great influence on the audience. Last year's actorsTess DalyWearing black jumpsuits during the program, that nightThe search volume for 'jumpsuit' at 8 o'clock has increased by 28% compared to the previous hour;In the semi-finals,Tess DalyWearing a pink long skirt, that nightThe search for 'Pink Dress' also surged by 161%.


Based on last year's experience,EBayIt is expected that the audience purchasing relevant clothing or products appearing in the program will increase this year. And this Saturday《Strictly Come Dancing 》The finals are coming soon, and there will be a special program on Christmas Day. This impact will continue from this Saturday until around Christmas.


EBay Ads UKofHarmony MurphyIndicates that with《Strictly Come Dancing 》When programs delve into British pop culture, marketers should consider the impact of these programs on sales. Brand merchants also need to consider how to incorporate the traffic and impact of these programs into marketing, attracting the purchase of fans and audiences.


Various data indicate that popular TV programs not only attract people's discussion, but also increase the audience's attention to the performers' clothing and imitation, thereby driving sales of the same clothing and shoes. Just like this yearNetflix's popular "Squid Game" is also a good example.


So based on experience, sellers and businesses can also pay more attention to local people's favorite TV programs and list related products to increase store attention and product sales.However, during the selection process, attention should also be paid to copyright issues to avoid infringement.

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