What are Amazon account associations and what factors will cause account associations


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What is the relationship between cross-border e-commerce Amazon accounts and what factors will cause the relationship

Amazon has always attached great importance to user experience. If a seller registers many accounts, the products on the market will also bring users a poor sense of experience, which is also prohibited by Amazon. Amazon only allows one account to be registered on one site, and multiple accounts will be severely punished, which is the so-calledAmazon account association

Many Amazon sellers are no strangers to account association. Some of them may have experienced the pain themselves, while some novice sellers may be complacent about having several accounts. However, Amazon has taken a heavy hit on account management, and some stores may never recover.

In order to ensure fair competition among sellers, and also to benefit user experience, Lanhaiyiguan suggests that sellers should abide by the rules of the platform, so that the store can go further.

What is the Amazon account association

On the Amazon platform, a seller can only register one account on one site, and different sites can register, but a seller can only open one store on the same site.

Amazon uses technical means to determine whether there is correlation between accounts on Amazon. If there is any association between accounts, whether it is hardware, software or registration information, it will be severely punished if it is found.

What factors will cause Amazon account association


Each computer has an independent MAC address. Each computer uses an independent IP address. One computer can only log in to one account to avoid logging in too many stores with the same device. Use an independent computer, an independent network, and then operate an independent account. Only in this way can different devices and different accounts not be related to each other.

If you use the same computer to log in too many Amazon accounts, Amazon will track them according to the IP address and the MAC address of the computer. If Amazon finds that the same computer has logged in two seller accounts, the account may be closed immediately.

The account association can also be detected through the router, the cat is also called the modem, and the hard disk information.


When we browse the website, we often recommend many things we want to buy or want. Because we have browsed similar products before, they will be saved to the user's machine in the form of cookie files. When we browse the website, they will pop up naturally, which is why Amazon will track the account association based on cookies.

The seller's typing speed cannot be changed, such as typing 60 words a minute or browsing habits, which are basically unchanged. Through browsing habits, typing speed and habits, you can also track the relationship to Amazon's account.

When the seller receives an email from Amazon, the opened pictures and links, and the way to view them, Amazon will also read your IP address to determine whether there is an account association.

3、Registration Information

The registration information is very easy to understand. It means that all materials provided by the Amazon store, including legal person and company information, telephone, email, collection account and credit card, should not be used repeatedly. Especially for the same site, if the data of one site is found to be the same, it will be judged that the Amazon account is associated, which is in danger of being blocked.

Amazon does not allow the same enterprise to have two or more accounts, so the seller must avoid this risk, or there will be a risk of seal off.

In addition to the above aspects, in terms of products, sellers should also note that the similarity should not exceed 30%. No matter the product description or key points, or pictures, if there are too many identical items, they will also be judged as account association.

In case of Amazon account association, the light may be just off the shelf listing, the serious may be the direct closure of the store, and some may not be able to recover even the appeal. If there is an account association phenomenon, basically as long as there is an accident, all will be taken down later.

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