Newegg reiterated its financial forecast for the entire year 2021, with an increase in net income!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

according toAccording to official news from Newegg,Newegg It is expected to usher in a favorable holiday season,The financial performance in the fourth quarter of 2021 was strong. Newegg stated in its release that it reiterated its previously announced full year guidance for 2021, reflecting consistent expectations of demand and profitability relative to its previous guidance.


For the latest values for the entire year of this year,Newegg expects to achieve net sales of approximately $2.4 billion this year (similar to its previously announced net sales guidance of approximately $2.4 billion), with net revenue ranging from $36.3 million to $40.3 million(Slightly higher than the guidelines previously issuedNet income inBetween $36.1 million and $40.1 million).

Cross border e-commerce logistics Newegg reiterates its financial forecast for the entire year 2021, with net income increasing!


The CEO of the companyAnthony Chow stated that he is very satisfied with Newegg's strong performance year-to-date, which proves that his company has successfully implemented a strategy focused on profit growth. This performance met previous expectations and laid the foundation for a strong performance in the fourth quarter.


Meanwhile,NeweggChief Financial Officer of the companyRobert Chang commented that consumer demand for technology products is expected to remain strong and form a favorable holiday.NeweggWith its year-to-date financial performance and positive outlook for the rest of the year, we are confident in achieving the previously announcedFinancial and growth indicators for 2021.


They also stated that since the beginning of the pandemic,Newegg andMany companies in the industry are similar and have been and will continue to be affected by global supply chain challenges. The disruption of the global supply chainNewegg'sSuppliers have brought profit margin pressure, which directly affectsNewegg.


Currently, they are striving to optimize their relationship with suppliers and establish mutual trust with them, providing them with logistical and marketing support to motivate them to place more products inOn the Newegg platform.


On the other hand, due to rising transportation costs, slower delivery speeds, and rising labor and raw material costs, global supply disruptions have impacted consumer prices, which is also one of the challenges the company is overcoming.


It is understood that currentlyNewegg has invested in new talent and technology to expand and improve its customer experience.More recentlyLaunched multiple plans to better serve its global customers.

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