What kind of situation will trigger Amazon KYC audit? What should we do if it is triggered


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What kind of situation will trigger Amazon KYC audit for b2b? What should we do if it is triggered

Amazon sellers who want to make a big effort in the European station will worry about triggering the Amazon KYC audit, and a small change will trigger the audit, and the sales of Amazon stores will be affected when entering the audit stage.

When Amazon sellers sell products in the European station, they can only carry out normal sales activities after being reviewed by the European validation team.

Know Your CustomeryesKYC is the full name of KYC. It is the institutional basis for preventing anti money laundering and corruption by verifying the seller's identity when opening stores in European countries, Britain, France, Germany and other countries according to the European regulatory mechanism.

Which situation will trigger Amazon KYC review

There are many reasons to trigger Amazon's KYC review, such as the seller's change of personal information or collection account number, which may lead to KYC review.

Amazon KYC audit is divided into several categories. The first is that when the seller's sales reach 15000 Euros, the trigger condition will be triggered;

When the sales volume of the store reaches a certain level, the KYC audit will be triggered. Generally, when the sales volume of the European station reaches 5000 Euros, the seller needs to carry out the KYC audit. If the sales volume has reached 15000 Euros, the seller has not yet audited, and the store may be prohibited from selling;

The second is the audit triggered by data modification. For example, when the seller modifies personal information, such as ID card information, company information, company address, or changes the payment method, the credit card will trigger Amazon KYC audit;

If the data submitted by the seller at the time of registration is not true, KYC audit may also be triggered.

With the standardization of the Amazon platform, KYC audit is not a one-time audit, but may become a regular periodic audit in the future. Sellers should always pay attention.

How to trigger Amazon KYC audit

Blue Ocean Yiguan reminds the seller that KYC audit is triggered. Amazon usually has an email notification. The seller only needs to provide real information to Amazon and then submit it. Generally, it can pass the audit. If the seller provides false information, it will definitely fail the audit.

When submitting to Amazon KYC for review, please note that the materials submitted must be true, including all the materials shown in the figure below, whether personal information or company information, including legal person and beneficiary information, as well as expense bills, and providing false materials is likely to lead to failure in the review, causing great trouble to the seller;

What kind of situation will trigger Amazon KYC audit for Seagoing Information? What should we do if it is triggered

What kind of situation will trigger Amazon KYC audit for b2b? What should we do if it is triggered

The files will be uploaded only three times. When the seller uploads, the materials must be fully prepared and submitted to avoid wasting a valuable opportunity; Do not upload materials beyond the specified time, generally about 3 weeks;

The audit level is high, medium and low risk. According to different risk levels, we provide real and accurate information. Generally, Amazon will reply within 2 to 15 working days. Amazon sellers only need to wait patiently.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that Amazon KYC audit is the way every Amazon seller must go in the European station. Of course, each seller's situation is different, and the trigger time and required data will also be different.

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