What is the response template of Amazon's bad reviews?


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What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments?

Amazon sellers will inevitably encounternegative commentIn general, there are three ways to deal with it: one is good for everything, one is to apply for Amazon to delete bad reviews, and the other is to contact buyers to solve problems, hoping they can modify or delete reviews.

If it can't be deleted, it's better to reply publicly and honestly to the negative comments, which will help maintain the brand image and let potential consumers know that the seller is actively solving problems, thus creating trust in the seller.

However, what kind of response template should a seller use in the face of poor comments from consumers?

It depends on what the consumer wrote the negative comment for, that isReasons for poor evaluation

1. The product is useless

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments for cross-border shipping?

Every consumer may have different expectations for the product. If they leave a negative comment of "the product is useless", either the use effect and performance of the product are not as expected, or the product really has problems.

In any case, the seller should first contact the consumer to try to solve the problem. If it can't be properly solved, it should consider making a public reply under this negative comment.

Refer to the following template:thankThe buyer's feedback is not satisfied with the productapologize, and hope that the other party can take the initiative to contact the seller to solve the problem together, and indicate thatWilling to exchange or refund

What is the reply template of CMI Amazon's bad comments?

From another point of view, the buyer's poor comments are also a reminder to the seller. Maybe it is time to re evaluate the product to see if there are really any problems.

2. The transportation is too slow

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that Amazon has provided consumers with another place to write their comments on the seller, including shipping and customer support services. It does not involve products. Therefore, if consumers have comments such as "slow transportation" and "poor customer service" in the product review, it is inappropriate to apply to Amazon for removal.

However, if Amazon has not removed it, the seller would better reply to these comments.

In this case, you can only accept the buyer's criticism and be calmapologize, because the goal of replying to poor reviews is to gain the trust of other consumers in the brand, and may establish a business relationship in the future.

In the public reply, there should be an expression of apology, andexplainWhy the slow delivery and transportation occurs, andSolution。 If necessary, it can also be given to consumersProvide "Next Order Discount"In exchange for satisfaction.

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments on cross-border e-commerce logistics?

If the seller knows that the delivery and logistics are slow in a certain period of time, it is necessary to re evaluate the order fulfillment strategy, or consider using Amazon FBA warehousing logistics.

3. Slow response from customer service

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments for cross-border shipping?

For the problems reflected by the buyer, such as "slow customer service response", "robot response", "no message reading", etc., first apologize to the buyer, explain why it may be missed, but not to shirk responsibility, and promise that the system or workflow is being upgraded to prevent this from happening again.

It also shows that if consumers contact the seller, they can enjoy somediscount, as compensation.

What is the response template for b2b Amazon's bad reviews?

If a buyer complains that customer service and experience are poor, the seller should pay attention to it. This is the simplest way to test whether logistics, customer service and inventory management are good.

4. Other issues

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments on cross-border e-commerce logistics?

There are many reasons for buyers to leave negative comments or complaints, but sometimes it is difficult to verify and diagnose whether it is true.

At this time, the seller should check the product itself to see if it is a problem that he can solve, and reply after the buyer's negative comments.

For example, if the buyer complains that the goods have been damaged at the time of receiving the goods, he or she can reply in this way: apologize first, and hope the buyer can take the initiative to contact him or her. He or she can replace the goods for free or refund them directly.

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments?

5. Want additional functions

Some buyers will compare the products of other stores. If they buy fewer features, they will write a bad comment. At this time, the best way for the seller to deal with this is to reply politely. The seller cannot do more without doing anything else.

What is the reply template of Amazon's bad comments for cross-border shipping?

To sum up, we should not use a unified response template for all negative comments, which is meaningless and will make consumers more dissatisfied. When replying to the negative comments, we should acknowledge the problem (the dissatisfaction of consumers is a problem in itself), do not make excuses, formally apologize, and provide effective and feasible solutions, such as discounts.

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