The European market's demand for toys and fashion products is still on the rise


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

The peak season is coming to an end, according toAfterPayMonthly pair4000 shoppersEuropeMultinational surveys showAlthough it has passed the black five networks, so far, European countriesOverall of this yearThe volume of online shopping has decreased compared with last year, but consumers are loyal to online shopping(Share of consumers' online expenditure in total expenditureIt shows a slight upward trend.


This more optimistic data comes from European countriesModerate and severeOnline consumers, since last year, they havenetworkShare of total expenditureallIncreased. Another favorable factorAlthough the epidemic situation has eased, more and more consumers are choosing to shop in physical storesThe overall share of online consumption has not lost its advantage compared with offline consumption


It is understood that,Convenience and flexibilitystillYes DriveConsumers use online shoppingofmainreasonPlusGoodMerchant experience,Some consumers accustomed to online shopping willcontinuechoiceOnline shoppingbuttheyNot necessarily loyal to specific online stores.


According to the survey,British consumersIn November, 6.2 times of online shopping were conducted, in which the share of toys and fashion products increased significantlyOn average, there were 5.3 online shopping in October and 4.9 in SeptemberThe number of online shopping increased month by month.


meanwhile,German consumers inIn November, we conducted five online shopping,amongThe share of toys and electronic products increased significantlyAlthough German online shopping this yearReduced frequency, but compared with last year's45% compared to,this yearThe proportion of online consumption is stillReached43%。


Dutch consumers in4.2 purchases were made in November, among which the share of toy products increased by 5%. This year, the share of toys increased from 7% in October to 12% in November, making them the third largest shopping category after fashion and food.


andNorwegian consumers in3.2 online purchases were conducted in November, of which the share of product categories did not increase significantly


Of all these online purchases,sureSee consumers' share of online purchases in toy and fashion categoriesallThere has been an increase.The specific data shows that,The share of toys this year is from11% in October rose to 16% in NovemberThe share of fashion is from24% in October rose to 29% in November.It can be seen that the market share of toys and fashion products in Europe will continue to increase.

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