The seller of Amazon Australia was suddenly audited!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

The seller of Amazon Australia, an e-commerce platform, was suddenly audited for sales!

Recently, a seller in Australia reported that his shop suddenly received a warning email.

Amazon said in the email that,Due to the buyer's feedback or the seller's store has a sales history, it is not enough to support the current sales volume of the store, so the account will be reviewed.

However, the seller did not seem to agree with Amazon's punishment.

”No similar situation has happened before. I checked and found that the sales volume in the last 30 days has only been 10. "The seller said helplessly.

He also disclosed that Amazon asked me to submit a complaint within 72 hours and an action plan. If I did not submit it on time, the store would be banned by the platform.

In this regard, some sellers believe that most of the time, self delivery sellers will encounter such situations, but FBA sellers rarely encounter such situations, and can only appeal according to the platform requirements.

Another seller said that this was the normal audit of the platform, which mainly investigated whether there was any delay in the order sales and delivery of the store over a period of time, as long as the seller provided information as required by the platform.

”It should trigger the review of sales surge, which is also relatively easy to appeal. "An insider believes that.

He also pointed out that the seller must deliver goods in a timely manner, otherwise it may be judged as fraud by Amazon, and at the same time, it is necessary to retain the logistics information.

According to previous feedback, self delivery sellers often encounter sales surge audits, so we should avoid late delivery or wrong delivery.

So, how should sellers deal with such audits?

First of all, the seller should provide some materials to prove that the store orders are legal and compliant according to Amazon's requirements.

For example, the store has recently carried out promotional activities, or the products sold by the store are seasonal products, and the sales volume is subject to great seasonal changes.

Secondly, the seller also needs to write a POA action plan to explain this problem. The POA plan should include the logistics information of all recent orders, the shop's VAT number, etc.

In addition, the seller can also provide the buyer's evaluation of recent orders to the platform to prove, so that the pass rate will be higher.

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