EBay recommends sellers to maintain advertising promotion after the peak season!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Christmas is coming soon, and this is also the last time sellers canSales timing for 'performance driven'.EBay has recently suggested to platform sellers to continue to maintain even after ChristmasEBay Promotes Listing Premium Advertising (CPC).


according toAccording to eBay, the holiday is coming to an end, but this does not mean that it will end the CPC.Because according to last year's data,Between December 25th and January 31st, there were approximately 3.1 billion searches on eBay!


Cross border e-commerce eBay recommends sellers to maintain advertising promotion after peak season!


Even after the end of the holiday, consumers still maintain a period of shopping enthusiasm and continue to search for premium discounts. Especially under the impact of this year's supply chain crisis, a large number of goods are out of stock, which will also make consumers continue to search for products they have not purchased after the holiday.


So seller companies should consider continuing to promoteListing Advanced Advertising,To promote final sales and provideThe sales in 2022 have made a good start.


generalizationListing Advanced Advertising (CPC)ofWorking methods and general promotionListingIt's different, it's a pay per click advertisement. Every time a consumer clicks on an advertisement, a fee is incurred.


And for shopping predictions after holidays,The latest statistics from eBay show that 50% of consumers are most likely to purchase fitness equipment in the new year.


Because the epidemic has made consumers pay more attention to their physical health and increase the frequency of exercise. So whether it's sportswear or equipment, they are all categories that consumers pay attention to.


In addition, with the arrival of winter, winter sports are also a significant opportunity for sellers. EspeciallyThe 2022 Winter Olympics is approaching, and consumers will have greater attention to sports and fitness related products.


In addition, as the temperature gradually decreases, the enthusiasm for football will gradually increase, which also promotes theirNFL souvenirs have created a good opportunity. 27% of consumers said they plan to purchase Super Bowl equipment.


So based onEBay's suggestion is that business sellers can focus more on winter sports and prepare relevant selections based on the needs of local consumers. We can also make reasonable use of eBay's advertising tools for promotion, even after the peak season, to maintain good attention and activity for the store, laying a good foundation for sales in 2022.

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