Seller sells 30000 orders per day! Everyone is hot, and the inventory of popular products in peak season


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During the peak season, waves of traffic rush in. Have you caught the explosive single player yet?


The 2021 online shopping feast has come to an end one after another, and the results of the November 11th Carnival are impressive. The recent December 12th event has also led to an outbreak of traffic, with a large number of cross-border sellers directly claiming that sales are too high and packaging them into soft goods. It is worth noting that December 12th is approaching time nodes such as "Christmas" and "New Year's Day", and holiday products such as Christmas tree decorations, holiday decorative balloons, and Christmas style earrings are all on the best-selling list!


The smooth sailing of cross-border shipping cannot be achieved without the assistance of product selection. Sellers, come and take a closer look at which domestic products are most favored by overseas consumers.


Hurry upGet, Shopee platformMost Popular4 majorCross border categories!


The editor recently noticed that in the just concludedShopee12.12 Birthday Promotion,Fashion accessories, home life3C Electronics and Beauty CareBecoming the most popular cross-border category. haveAre cross-border sellers with "product selection difficulties" eager to know how many times sales of sellers selling related categories have skyrocketed? Which of these four categories are the most popular among Southeast Asian consumers? Don't worry, the answer will be provided immediately.


In terms of fashion accessory categories,On the day of the promotion, sales of subcategories such as hair accessories and hats all rose to nearly daily levels10 times, Christmas element accessories are popular in Southeast Asia. A seller in Yiwu has sold nearly 3000 pieces of Christmas element hair bands on their Philippine site. Here are the followingHot selling products in the fashion accessory category↓↓↓↓

Glasses decoration strap, Christmas style earrings, deer horn hair band, Lucky crystal bracelet, couple bracelet, Chinese knot, shoesDIY decoration.


In the category of home lifeAs Christmas approaches, subcategories such as home decor, party supplies, and lighting are available in theThe sales volume in the 12.12 promotion has increased to six times its usual level. Yiwu sellers are actively promoting new Christmas tree decorations, balloons, and greeting cards through e-commerce, taking 3D holiday greeting cards as an example,Hot selling in Malaysia alone5000 pieces. Here are the holiday and hot selling products in the home life category↓↓↓↓

Holiday lighting, Christmas tree decorations, holiday cake flags3D three-dimensional greeting cards, holiday decoration balloons, 3D wall stickers, ins style carpets, cartoon colored stickers.


Cross border e-commerce sellers sell 30000 orders per day! Everyone is hot, and the inventory of popular products in peak season


3C electronic categoryAs a hot selling evergreen tree, there are also many popular models. Driven by the demand for home cleaning at the end of the year, the popularity of intelligent dust removal products from China has not decreased,Multiple domestic vacuum cleaner brands such as Robolock Stone, Airbot, Ecovacs Cowos, Tineco Tianke, and Lifee have made their way to the category and are selling well. Overall,The best-selling products in the 3C electronic category are as follows↓↓↓↓

True wireless Bluetooth earphonesWireless charging standCard case, touch pen tip protective case, smartwatch strap, phone holder.


Beauty careRanked among the most popular domestic product categories, there are also many highlights.At the end of the year, market trends such as welcoming new arrivals and revitalizing makeup continue to rise,Chinese beauty brand Saceleady took advantage of the December 12th promotion to introduce limited gifts such as Christmas keychains and elk hair bands, and used Shopee x Facebook advertising (CPA) to attract external trafficThe first hour advertising production ratio is as high as 100 times, driving sales to exceed 30000 units on the same day.Below isHot selling products for beauty and maintenance↓↓↓↓

Festival themed nail enhancement, steam eye mask, cleaning nose patch, hair removal wax paper, facial mask, acne patch, eyebrow powder/Hair line powder, lip glaze.


summary12.12 Product Hot Sale Regularity: With Christmas, New Year's Day, and Chinese New Year coming one after another, Southeast Asian consumers are starting to purchase various seasonal necessities. Shopee's birthday promotion has also become the best time for holiday purchases. If businesses combine holiday themed products for "micro innovation", the likelihood of successfully breaking through is greatly increased. For example, in this December 12th promotion, holiday themed manicures, Christmas style earrings, and other products have all been on the best-selling list. At the same time, products such as phone cases, Bluetooth earphones, bracelets, bracelets, carpets, stickers, eye masks, and manicures are not only popular during normal times, but also lead the 12.12 sales growth.


Shopee platform's top 5 cross-border best-selling markets, these products are all "hot cakes"!


Benefiting from the local consumer's love for domestic productsChinese sellers not only performed well overall in this year-end promotion, but also showed frequent highlights in different markets. This timeIn the Shopee12.12 promotion, cross-border sellers have submitted satisfactory responses at sites such as Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines:


Thailand SiteOver 2000 orders, busy to pack overnight!

Malaysia and Philippines stations each3000 orders, I hope to make further efforts in the next major promotion.

Thailand's website volume has skyrocketed compared to daily usage60 times, sales increased by 1.7 times compared to 11.11, and overseas warehouse sellers do not have packaging pressure!


During the Shopee platform's December 12th birthday promotion, cross-border sellers kept selling in different markets, but the hot selling product lists in each market were not the same. Let's take a closer look at the popular products in these five major markets?


Filipino Market : Smartphone, women's sunglasses, air cushion foundation make-up, waterproofLED light strip, plush hoodie.

Vietnam market: Women's berets, lipstick, power bankV-neck knitted cardigan, functional toothbrush holder.

Malaysia market: Loose fitting long top, smartphone, men's belt, curtains, hair straightener.

Singapore market: Solid color blackout curtains, embroidered baseball caps, smart tablets, electric hair removal devices, lace underwear.

Thai market: Touch pen, electric eyebrow trimmer, knitted hat, kitchen shelf, long sleeved knitted sweater.


Cross border information sellers sell 30000 orders per day! Everyone is hot, and the inventory of popular products in peak season

As the saying goesThe direction of product selection is not right, efforts are in vain. I hope this list of popular products in various markets can bring inspiration to Chinese sellers for product selection.


Exploring New Cross border Opportunities, Industrial Belt Sellers' Sales Soaring


This timeDuring the Shopee12.12 promotion period,Many traditional industries have benefited sellers from cross-border e-commerceBy leveraging the advantages of a rich and diverse, mature and stable supply chain, we can fully match the needs of overseas markets and achieve a surge in sales!


In the cross-border category of popular promotion, a top supply chain seller from the Changzhou furniture industry belt had a single order volume exceeding a thousand on the day of promotion;A seller of a certain eyewear category in Taizhou, relying on the factory resources of the Duqiao industrial belt, greatly promoted the breakthrough in daily order volume50 thousandSimilar examples are not rare.


After the December 12th promotion, the Christmas season with high traffic is about to kick off again. Do sellers want to seize the last bus of 2021 traffic to dig gold in Southeast Asia? Shopee is worth considering! It is reported that in Q3 2021, in the global shopping app category of Google App Store,Shopee users rank first in total usage timeThe total download volume and average monthly active users rank second. In the shopping apps in Southeast Asia and Taiwan markets, Shopee ranks first in terms of average monthly active users and total user usage time.


2021 is about to pass, and the end of the year is the best time for cross-border sellers on the Shopee platform to accumulate energy for the new year.


In order to allow more sellers to reap big promotion dividends and seize the opportunity to burst orders,Shopee officially launched the year-end sprint store opening special training camp!


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Cross border e-commerce platform sellers sell 30000 orders per day! Everyone is hot, and the inventory of popular products in peak season


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