Amazon payment day shortened by 11 days, trial implementation today!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon announced that it will shorten the payment collection time for sellers. It is understood that the time will change from the original14 days shortened to 3 days. However, due toThe plan is currently in a trial state,Only some sellers have received this notification.


Previously, in order to ensure that the goods could truly reach the buyer's hands, the seller's sales funds could not be circulated normally for a period of time, and the longer the time, other subsequent businesses would also be affected. lowerAfter 3 days, the overall operational efficiency of the seller will be significantly improved.


Amazon stated that in order to enable sellers to receive more quicklyAmazon payment. sinceStarting from December 16, 2021,sellerThe retention policy for all confirmed delivery orders will be implemented three days after the actual delivery date. For example, ifsellerstayonemonthIf the shipment is made on January 1st and the actual delivery date is January 5th, the sales revenue will be paid from January 9th.For orders without carrier delivery information, sales revenue will continue to be retained after the latest expected delivery date of the orderWithin 7 days.

Cross border outbound Amazon payment collection day shortened by 11 days, trial implementation today!


For the reason for piloting the plan, Amazon stated that this isFeedback from sellers,theyWe have launched this pilot program,The purpose is to ensure thatSellers who perform well receive payment faster.


Specifically, due toPerforming wellofsellerThe defect rate of orders is relatively low,So AmazonchoiceThese sellers are involvedThis testlinePlan.Meanwhile,AmazonIndicates that theReserve the right to adjust these payment intervals due to performance issues or abnormal activities related to the seller's account.In this case,sellerYou can find information fromAmazonThe message and other detailed information of.

 Shorten Amazon's payment collection day by 11 days, try it out today!

deservetake careYes,AmazonWill continue to monitor seller performance indicators during the pilot periodAnd may decide to suspend the pilot program at their own discretion.But Amazon stated that if the pilot plan is stopped, it willTwo weeks' notice will be given in advanceTo the seller.


For some sellers who are unwilling to participate in the plan, Amazon has also proposed countermeasures. Amazon stated that if any sellers are unwilling to participate in this pilot program, they can be contacted to withdraw.


Although this event has not yet been fully launched, it is undoubtedly good news for Amazon sellers, at least releasing a positive signal in the recent complex environment.

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