How to increase the conversion rate of Amazon products? Start with keyword research


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How can cross-border e-commerce increase Amazon's commodity conversion rate? Start with keyword research

When shopping online, although manyAmazon customersI have seen and read the product detail page, but the conversion rate is still very low. This situation indicates thatAmazon SellerThe listing of is probably not well done and needs to be optimized to improveAmazon conversion rate

Here are some ways to improve Amazon's conversion rate.

IPerform keyword research

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Keyword inImprove Amazon conversion rateTiming is important for seller operations. But to use the correct keywords, the seller must first do keyword research.

AmazonThere are many keyword tools available, which can also help sellers track keywords. The seller can enter keywords related to the product and view its search volume. Some tools will not only show the top keywords to sellers, but also show the short keywords andLong tail keywords

IICreate compelling product descriptions

Once the key keywords of the product are obtained, ensure that they are used in the product description. Use user centered content to highlight the advantages and functions of the product to show the unique selling points of the product.

3、 Five descriptions of high performance

The readability of the product description will alsoAffect conversion rate。 By adding benefit orientedFive point descriptionTo make it easier for customers to understand the product.  

The seller should focus on the quality, not fill them with keywords, but on the benefits of the product, and then focus on its functions.

How can cross-border information increase Amazon's commodity conversion rate? Start with keyword research

4、 Use high-quality pictures

Generally, the higher the search rank,The higher the conversion rate of Amazon。 Take a picture of the product against a white background so that the product occupies 85% of the image.

At the same time, additional images should be uploaded to let customers see how the product looks on the hand model or model, and understand how the product meets their needs and lifestyle.

How can cross-border shipping increase Amazon's commodity conversion rate? Start with keyword research

5、 Maintain price stability

On Amazon, keeping prices stable can also improve search rankings and conversion rates, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include new product launches, cross selling, holiday sales such as Black Friday or Internet Monday, and inventory clearance.

6、 Join FBA for faster delivery

One factor that affects whether customers buy products is transportation.

In order to attract a larger proportion of Amazon shoppers, sellers register with Amazon's FBA, and Amazon can place products in their distribution center, so that once customers buy products, they can quickly ship them out.

However, FBA may incur additional costs, and the seller may have to communicate with Amazon to understand the fault more clearly.

7、 Don't run out of stock

In Amazon, once the product is out of stock, the ranking of the product keywords will also decline.

This meansAmazon conversion rate will decrease, which will affect other indicators of sellers. Therefore, the seller should always ensure that there is enough stock in the warehouse.

8、 Use SEO to optimize listing

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,This is related to the first method to improve the conversion rate of Amazon. By using keywords, you can optimize listing, manage product descriptions and reviews, even if the product is online.

9、 Follow the percentage of UNIT SESSION in Amazon ads

Understanding the conversion rate and investigating the source of SESSION and page views can help sellers make wise decisions, such as whether they need to pay for advertising; Whether more promotion is needed outside the platform; Or whether the description needs to be adjusted.

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