Five development trends of DTC e-commerce in 2022


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

Direct to consumersofElectronic CommercepatternDTC)Changed consumers and brandsBetweeninteractionAnd consumersbuyalmostAllcommodityThe way. stayepidemic situationBefore,DTC brand is regarded as a retail category with digital proficiency.


nowadays, traditional retailers and brand manufacturers havehisfromDTC brandthereValuable lessons learnedApplied to the actual operationTo compete for the future of e-commerce.


withNiketake as an examplestayepidemic situationThe brandJustHas started to withdraw from department stores,Steering onlinesale. stayIn the first quarter of 2020,NikeyesDTC's bet paid offIts e-commerce sales soared82%


actuallywhetheryesDTC company or traditional retailer can eitherThis model seeks development,The following areFive DTC e-commerce worthy of attention in 2022developmentTrends.


More traditional retailers will adoptDTCin order towithon-lineDTC brand competition, some large retailersalsoWill selectDTC mode。 Due to the traffic volume of physical storesreduce, retailers willFollow closelyDTC brandtrendthrough networkContact consumers.


DTC brand willExpansion productscategoryepidemic situationInhibited the growth of many brandsBut at the same time,alsocausework from homeOf consumers on sports, leisure andPersonal protectionIncreased demand for productsThese products and adjacent categories will continue to develop


Consumers will continue to beDTC brand attractionstayepidemic situationAt the beginning of the outbreak, one of the most urgent needs of retailersJustIt is an efficient e-commerce platformandDTC brandIt has its own platformthisGave them an early advantage.


Time spent by consumers in physical stores in recent two yearsStill less, spend more time on the deviceAndCompared with the third quarter of 2019, the United States in the third quarter of 2021ofE-commerce sales increased45.6%。


DTC brandThe system will continue to optimize:manyDTC brand company,IsResearchSolution,withenhancePerformance and functional performance of its existing websiteDTC brand can be provided for stores from globally distributed servers by simply clicking a buttonFull range of technical servicessupport


return goodsserviceWill become a competitive differentiation factorcustomerVery seriousreturn goodsPolicy, according toForrester research found that French, British and American consumers prefer to provide free returns onlineretailerIt's not hard to predict,Retailers and brands willSimplify the return process and optimize relevant after-sales services to retain customers.


From supply chain issuesTo consumersIncreasing consumptionIt is expected that e-commerce in the next yearstillThere are many needsfaceofChallengeBelieve to understand relevantBrands and sellers of DTC development trendWill be able to cope with these challenges and attract newcustomerAnd will flourish in the coming year.

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