What is Amazon UPC code? Buy or register?


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What is the UPC code of Sailing Amazon? Buy or register?

The full name of UPC code is Universal Product Code, which is used to identify a certain product. It consists of 12 digits and is unique. It is usually combined with a barcode.

The UPC code is not generated by Amazon or customized by the seller, but purchased through formal channels.

Amazon stipulates that all listings must have a unique product identification code when they are created, such as UPC code, EAN code or other GTIN codes, the most common of which is UPC code.

It can be seen that products sold on Amazon basically need UPC codes.

Where can I buy Amazon UPC code?

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that GS1 is the global standard for product barcode. Only UPC codes verified by GS1 and found in GS1 database are valid.

Therefore, UPC codeThe most formal purchase channel is GS1 website

What is Amazon UPC code for cross-border shipping? Buy or register?

GS1 is a non-profit global organization that maintains and manages real and effective product barcodes for more than 2 million enterprises in 115 countries around the world.

In fact,Amazon also has a clear requirement that all UPC codes should be obtained from the GS1 websiteTo ensure accuracy and legitimacy.

Amazon verifies the seller's UPC code by comparing it with the GS1 database. If the details match, it is valid, otherwise it is invalid.

However, there are stillMany sellers buy UPC codes from third-party websites, even from eBay platform and Taobao

It is easy to have a problem that the UPC code purchased by the seller is associated with a different brand or product, and does not match its own product.

To make matters worse, some UPC codes purchased from Taobao have been used by many sellers, and many have been generated by tools, which are not effective at all. Once checked, they are revealed.

The unverified UPC code cannot successfully publish the new product, even if it is temporarily hidden, if it is later detected by Amazon,Popular listing will also be taken off the shelf due to invalid UPC, even Amazon will suspend the seller's qualification to create a new product ASIN.

In any case, it is not recommended that the seller take this risk. From a long-term security perspective, it is better to buy it on the GS1 website.

The first step in the purchase process is to visit the GS1 website, and then click the "Apply for a Barcode" button in the upper right corner of the stand-alone computer.

What is Amazon UPC code of cross-border e-commerce? Buy or register?

Blueocean Yiguan learned that before, the seller had to purchase at least 10 UPC codes, the initial cost was $250, and the annual fee was $50.

For most new sellers, 10 are too many and may not be used up at once, and the initial cost is very high.

Now, you can choose to purchase a single UPC code for $30 each, and there is no annual fee. It is more appropriate for sellers who have just started operating Amazon and only have the last new product at a time.

After clicking the "Apply for a Barcode" button, scroll down to the "Start Small with a GS1 US GTIN" half helmet, and then click "Get a GTIN".

What is Amazon UPC code of cross-border e-commerce? Buy or register?

Fill in the option box with an asterisk to purchase the UPC code.

What is Amazon UPC code for cross-border shipping? Buy or register?

After the purchase, you can now create product listing in Amazon.

Log in to the background of Amazon Seller Central and go to "Inventory>Add a Product".

What is Amazon UPC code of cross-border information? Buy or register?

Select I'm adding a product not sold on Amazon.

What is Amazon UPC code of e-commerce platform? Buy or register?

Next, select the category for the product and fill in the product details, including the product ID, which is the UPC code.

What is the UPC code of Sailing Amazon? Buy or register?

However, it is important to know that the newly purchased UPC code may not be activated until 24-48 hours before it appears in the GS1 database. If you create a listing immediately after purchasing the UPC code, it may display "Invalid UPC code".

You can also publish listing on Amazon without UPC code?

In some cases, Amazon allows sellers to publish new products without UPC code or other product identification codes.

In other words, the seller needsApply for GTIN exemption

If the application is approved, there is no need to add UPC code when publishing a new product (UPC code is one of GTIN codes).

What is the Amazon UPC code of the cross-border e-commerce platform? Buy or register?

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