In November, the retail sales in the United States increased by 14.8% year on year, and clothing and sports products were the most awesome!


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

allTubeAt present, the United States stillInflation existsseriousSupply chainHowever, this year's holiday shopping season in the United States still set a record expenditure.


According to the United StatesNational Retail FederationNRFexpress,NovemberU.S.AOf core retail salesExcluding car dealers, gas stations and restaurantsYear on year growth14.8%The overall retail sales including food services increased year on year18.2%。


Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist of NRF, said:this yearNovemberofSales are actually the highest level ever recorded.The strongest growth isClothing and sporting goodsAnd home products. In addition to the three categories, the sales of other categories have also increased compared with the same period last year.


according toNRFThe number of clothing and clothing accessories increased compared with the same period last year35.3%; YOY growth of sporting goods22.1%Household products increased year on year18.6%。In addition, the sales of electronic and electrical products, offline grocery stores, building materials and gardening supplies stores, health and personal care products, and groceries and beverages increased year on year17.7%14.2%12.2%9.1%and8.8%


It is worth noting that as more and more consumers begin to go out of their homes, the sales of offline stores are gradually recovering, but this does not affect the continued development of e-commerce.NRFThe data of,November USAOnline and other non physical store salesCompared with the same period last year15.1%Growth of


NRF said that this yearofConsumers are more than everStarted holiday shopping earlier. Therefore, the period from early November to low December falls into the category of holiday shopping season.NovemberThe sales data can represent half of the sales results in the peak season


NRFBased on the current data, the forecast isTwo month holiday sales in 2021Will compare2020Contemporaneousincrease11.5%, exceeding its earlier forecast of 8.5% to 10.5% growth. The NRF noted that,Although this year's holiday season sales growth is not too bigBut itsThe expenditure amount and growth rate will also set new records.


NRFexpress,Before this year11 monthsofSales ratioGrowth in the same period in 2020Has14.2%This is related toNRFbefore's predictions are consistentIn addition, it is expected thatannualofRetail salestakethanIncrease by 10.5% to 13.5% in 2020reach 4 trillion and 440 billiontoUS $4.56 trillion.

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