Second hand e-commerce platforms ThredUP and Mercari develop new shopping experiences


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

In recent years, second-hand goods are constantly gaining the favor of consumers, and more and more second-hand sellers are joining online sales. According to foreign media reports, the leader of second-hand e-commerce platformThredUP and Mercari recently announced that they will adopt new shopping methods to improve consumers' shopping desire.


It is reported that,ThredUP has cooperated with the fashion designers of Sex and the City to change the style of its online platform shop pages; Mercari will open an experiential flash shop in San Francisco later this month to show consumers the process and convenience of selling second-hand goods.


ThredUP said that it will help fans create their own SATC style models through three theme online stores, which are full of hundreds of styles of clothing carefully selected by clothing designers Rogers and Santiago, some of which are directly from their clothing closets. The plan is called "just like that", drawing on the restart plan of Sex and The City.


besides,according toAccording to a study conducted by Mercari, Americans receive an average of 3.8 unwanted gifts during the holiday. To solve the problem of excess products, Mercari will open its first experiential flash shop in Stonetown Galleria Mall, San Francisco, from December 29, 2021 to February 12, 2022ToEducate consumers about the convenience of second-hand commodity sales and its impact on the reuse ecosystem.


MercariIt is pointed out that according toMercari's concept of helping consumers to "re imagine and reuse" requires that the flash store will have four experience areas to help customers gain a second life from unused items. Customers in the store will directly skip the online list and transportation process and interact with on-site experts, who will evaluate the value of each item and receive payment on the spot. Mercari users can sell almost anything in the store, including clothing, toys and games, kitchenware, sports equipment and home decorations.


John Lagerling, CEO of Mercari America, said that this year, the seller experience on the Mercari platform will be brought into people's lives in a new way, and the second-hand e-commerce market will be expanded while helping consumers understand the process and convenience of selling second-hand products.

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