Joom and Worldline establish a partnership


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Online platformJoomFrom Latvia, founded inIn 2016, it was the first online platform to provide European sellers with access to the Russian market. Since then, it has mainly sold low-cost products made in China. In addition to its headquarters in Latvia, the company also has offices in Luxembourg, Russia, Hong Kong, China and the United States.


Joom is mainly active in the European market, covering more than 150 countries and regions, of which Russia is an important market. Joom is one of the fastest growing international e-commerce platforms in the world. itbecomeThe shopping application with the largest number of downloads in Europe in 2018,And when it does not existIt has achieved more than 300 million downloads worldwide in four years.


The platform provides more thanThere are 20 million different types of products, the most popular ones are clothing, footwear, beauty, home kitchen and electronic products.


Recently, in order to consolidate its market position in Russia,Joom and local payment service providersWorldlineEstablish a cooperative relationship so that Russian sellers and buyers can have more payment methods. By adding payment options familiar to Russian shoppers and retailers, the platform will make its users more comfortable, which will help improve checkout conversion, customer engagement and loyalty.


according toAccording to Joom Fang,Russia is our important market with144 million potential customersAndWorldlineofcooperationCan enableThe process that might have been difficult has become very easy, and we are confident that we can flourish in the new market.


andWorldline itself plans to expand to Europe and Greece. Earlier this week, it announced the acquisition of Eurobank Merchant Acquisition, which operates in Greece and has a 20% market share in the Greek acquisition marketThis time andJoom's cooperation is just forWorldlineAccess to the European market offers opportunities.


In addition,Joom recently launched new services Joom Logistics in Europe and KoreaContinuously expand the market scope.


Russian e-commerce is in the stage of vigorous development,Joom's cooperation will further penetrate into the Russian market.

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