Nearly half of British consumers feel pressure to buy Christmas gifts


Author:Guo Wenpei
Source: ennews

Christmas is one of the best holidays in a year in the West. On this day, people will get together with their families and friends, give each other gifts, and have a wonderful day.It was supposed to be a happy Christmas, but it never occurred to me that many British people would think it was a stressful thing for them.


Some people think that Christmas is also time for them, the consumption of money and reasonPeople with large families may worry about receiving endless gifts from relatives or having togoVisit them NoyesFavoriterelativeAt the same time, decorate the Christmas tree and buy Christmas giftsEventsTo themcausedefinitePressure of.


When it comes to Christmas, it must be inseparable from buying Christmas gifts. However, according to foreign media reportsHalf the Britons celebrating ChristmasexpressBuy giftsIt is a very stressful thing for them. The sources of pressure come from the cost of buying gifts, the channels of purchase and the need to make gifts delivered on time, which will exert certain pressure on their economy and time.


In addition, there are British people who believe thatUnwantedChristmas gifts can also create pressure because they don't know how to dispose of these itemsThe display of decorations and the collection of decorations after Christmas will also cause some pressure on these people.


Among British adults celebrating Christmas, there are gender differences in many Christmas activities.britainThe possibility of men saying they do not place Christmas decorations(17%) twice as many as women (9%)Male(13%) Indicates the possibility of not packaging giftsalsoIt's female(6%). On the whole, one in 11 Britons celebrating Christmas does notmeetingWrap gifts.


In addition to the pressure to buy giftsAbout three out of ten Britons find that they buy Christmas foodIt's also one thing for themunder pressureAboutIn addition,When I meet my familyReceptionGuests and the need to visit relatives they don't like can also create stressSame.AboutOne in five BritonsExpression meetingbecauseneedAnxiety about meeting friends and family.



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