Attention! Dunhuang Network will launch Order Transfer Service (OTS)


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Today, Dunhuang website released a new announcement, stating that in order to improve the buyer experience, ensure the platform's competitiveness, and support sellers with the ability to fulfill contracts, the platform will launch order forwarding services(OTS), which is expected to be launched on January 4, 2022.


Dunhuang website stated that for overOrders that have not been shipped for 8 days will enter the transfer pool with the buyer's consent. If a seller claims the order, the original order will be cancelled; If no one claims it, the original seller can still fulfill the delivery contract.


It is worth noting that only excellent and outstanding sellers with excellent service ratings from North Star can accept orders. Sellers need to pay attention to indicators such as delivery time, delivery time, communication response time, dispute response speed, and one-time settlement rate. Dunhuang website will be available every monthThe evaluation results will be announced on the 5th, and if they do not meet the standards, the seller's eligibility to accept orders will be cancelled.


It is reported that the daily service score of Dunhuang Net's Polaris service scoring system refers to the seller'sThe score obtained from a comprehensive evaluation of 90 days of service capability is calculated daily. The daily service score consists of 5 service factors, 1 bonus item, and 1 deduction item, with a maximum score of 100+10 points. The evaluation indicators include delivery time, delivery time, communication response time, dispute response speed, and one-time settlement rate. The bonus item is DHLink usage rate, and the minus item is the proportion of shipments exceeding the standby delivery time.


The specific composition indicators of daily service scores are as follows:


Daily Service Score(100 points)=delivery time (30 points)+delivery time (25 points)+communication response time (15 points)+dispute response speed (15 points)+one-time settlement rate (15 points)


Bonus points:DHLink usage rate (10 points)


Subtract item: proportion of shipments exceeding the standby lead time(10 points)


North Star Service Rating SystemService rating level, which is to sort the average daily service score of each seller for the current month according to their business category, and evaluate them as excellent, excellent, good, and in need of improvement based on the ranking4 service levels. Sellers with different service levels enjoy different platform resources. The service level is evaluated at the end of each month, and the evaluation results are announced on the 5th of the following month.


The specific requirements for service rating levels are as follows:


Attention to cross-border e-commerce! Dunhuang Network will launch Order Transfer Service (OTS)

(Image sourced from Dunhuang website)

Dunhuang Network launched order transfer service this time(OTS not only supports high-quality sellers, but also reduces human resource consumption. While improving consumer shopping experience, it also promotes the platform. It is believed that many platforms will gradually launch this policy in the future.

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