Mercado Libre acquires Redelcom to strengthen its payment system!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently,Mercado LibreRelease a message stating that itsAnnouncing the acquisition of a Chilean companyRedelcom, which has been a payment service provider since 2010carry outOperate and maintainStarting from October 2019, we will provide retailers with Point of Sale (POS) terminals using the latest technology.


According to the message,This isstayLatin AmericaachievehisPart of the purpose of trade and financial democratization,andAnd this moveIt helps to narrow the gap in financial inclusivity, improve people's quality of life, and promote the business of companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs.


It is understood that the company hasMercado Pago,staythis yearSales in the third quarterYesexceed1 million terminals. Redelcom will join Mercado Libre and Success of Mercado Pago CollaborationOur business model.

 Cross border Mercado Libre acquires Redelcom and strengthens its payment system!

The relevant person in charge of the company stated that, Redelcom has the best products in the market, leveraging the expertise of the Mercado Libre ecosystem,theyChile will continue to integrate financial services.Redelcom is a company that aligns with the goals of business democratization and financial inclusivity,his99% of customers are small and medium-sized enterprises and micro entrepreneurs, and they will continue to receive the same quality of services after this acquisition.


Redelcom is a payment network company that provides cutting-edge technology at the national level, allowing for flexible coverage of small and large enterprises. Its POS accepts all credit and debit card payments from any country and international bank. In addition, it also provides merchants with convenient tools for fund management, such as providing detailed fund flow reports for merchants through a system. In addition, POS also provides services such as bill payment and mobile recharge.



Roberto Charme, General Manager of RedelcomIndicating that it is veryHappy to becomeMercado LibreOur partners,The company has a leading e-commerce position in e-commerce.This collaboration will be aGreat opportunity to expandIts business.


It is understood that,at presentExistingexceed32000 small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneursMercado LibreplatformNearly half of them are in theepidemic situationJoined. On the other hand,Mercado Pago hasexceed65000 merchants processingtoopaymentbusiness Of which more than55000yesstayepidemic situationJoin.This acquisition will have a positive impact on both parties.

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