After Christmas, there will also be promotional activities held, and Esty will boost performance at the end of the year?


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently,Esty issued a notice stating that,Esty will hold its year-end sales event from December 26th to January 9th. To participate, sellers need to offer a minimum discount of 20% during this period.

 Cross border e-commerce will also hold promotional activities after Christmas, and Esty will boost performance at the end of the year?

As for why these promotions are being held,Esty stated that as the end of the year approaches, many sellers may be clearing inventory to make more space for new products.


This year,Esty has a lot of promotional activities. In addition to post Christmas promotional activities, there are also pre Christmas promotional tests. In early October, Etsy launched a new Christmas early promotion test. Sellers participating in the event also need to offer a 20% discount promotion.


The specific testing time isFrom October 11th to 12th, sellers can use the coupon tool in the store to offer discounts and promotions. It is reported that the purpose of this event is to enable buyers to choose their desired Christmas products in advance and increase the platform's traffic.


However, forAt the promotional event at the end of December, a seller commented, "I have already made some sales in December and I don't think I will be involved. This year, I am busy and ready to take a break. Moreover, this year's holiday sales did not seem to have much spark. Is Etsy holding this promotion because their fourth quarter performance was relatively low


Indeed, this year's holiday promotions have been relatively flat.According to Adobe's data, on Thanksgiving this year, consumers spent $5.1 billion online, which is the same as the same period last year; The sales revenue of Heiwu Online is less than last year's 9 billion US dollars, only 8.9 billion US dollars; Online consumption on Monday was a total of $10.7 billion, a decrease of 1.4% from last year, marking the first slowdown since Adobe tracked it in 2012.


However, if there are sellers who need to clear their inventory, they can also check if they are participating in this promotion based on their actual situation.

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