Promote sustainable development! Retailers limit the number of customers' annual orders


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

recentlyTowardAn online luxury retailer focused on sustainable developmentPut forward a new planadoptlimitCustomer's annual order quantityForm ofTo promoteSustainable development.


Toward mainly sells luxury goods,Items includeCitizens of HumanityJeans andVivienne WestwoodWomen's clothing of the Empress DowagerPrice from$130 to more than $1000.


Ana Kannan, Founder of Towardexpress,If the customer wishes, the annual order quantity can be limited to12.customerAt checkoutmeetingReceive a reminder,informtheySo far this yearHow many orders have been placedCustomers can also consult on their ownhisAnnual order quantity


KannanMention, this oneIt's a small change. companycan'tMandatory requirementsCustomer SelectionOrder restrictions,Similarly, the company will notChoose to joinThe plan'scustomerprovideAny incentives.


However,Kannanexpressin the futureToward may offer discounts andExclusive advancesale. Currently, theplanDesigned as an educationmeasureshelpcustomerFoster a sense of sustainability


KannanMention, cultivateConsciousness isPromote sustainable developmentStep 1. Fast fashionindustryalreadyLet consumers developblindandfrequently's shopping habits, itsTryingCorrective consumersuchshoppingMentality.


according toAccording to Kannan, althoughat presentmajorityOnly once a month for Toward customersshoppingHowever, this is not the case for other retailers.according toMckinsey 2021investigationData shows that Americans buy one piece every five days on averagenewClothes.andWithin one yearbuyEvery five pieces ofclothesBy the end of the year, there will be threeBe thrown inLandfill.


andThe plan proposed by Toward to limit the annual order quantity of customers is to hopeBy setting restrictions on brand e-commerce websitesremindCustomers pay attention to their order quantityTo reduce wasteful behavior


meanwhile,Restricted OrdersquantityAnother advantagenamelysureBetter controlreturn goodsamount。 Last two yearswithinreturn goodsBrought to the retail industryA heavy blowaccording torelevantdatadisplayRetail in 2020Industry returnsThe total amount is$428 billion.


In addition, limiting the number of customers' annual orders can also help retailersrelieveProduct supply shortageproblemUnder the influence of the epidemic,Supply chain around the worldThe system is in a messMany brands and retailers are facing serious commodity shortage challenges

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