The demand for coffee equipment is huge, and this market deserves attention


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

COVID-19Before, CanadiansI like myselfAt homeMake coffeeThe onset of the epidemic accelerated the development of the family coffee industry, prompting more people to shift their coffee consumption from physical stores to family coffee. At present, the amount of coffee that Canadians buy at home catering service outlets has reached26%。


And toReach EntityCoffeeAuditoriumExperience,canadianBuying coffee utensils at an unprecedented levelaccording toReported by NPD Groupin the pastof12 monthswithin, Canadian RetailSalesMore than3.5 million coffee and espresso production equipment.


This meansNow?One-thirdCanadafamilyNew purchaseCoffee machine, andAnd this consumption trend has continued since the epidemic. according toNPD continues to track the sales of household industries. Since March 2020, more than 6.7 million coffee machines have been sold in the Canadian market.


Pam Wood, NPD Group Household Industry Analystexpress,Whereas CanadapeopleLove of coffee,hisinvestmentof large numberIt is not surprising that time and money bring delicious coffee experience to home. even ifThe epidemic has returned to normal, and work and study are back on track, CanadiansWill continue to gain from the family coffee experienceHappiness


Pam WoodIt is also reminded that,Home product manufacturers can developBe able to serve customersprovidevariousdeliciousofproductTo benefit from itDifferentTaste to enable consumers to obtain at homeConsumption experience of physical cafes


At present, most coffees are made by grinding in users' homesThis is for entitiesCoffeetradeNot all of thembad thing.


according toVince Sgabellone, NPD Food Service Industry AnalystIndicates offline solid coffeestayepidemic situationfront12 monthsReduced domestic salesabout700 million copies, but with students returning to schoolas well asThe employee returns to the workplace,There will beNearly a quarterLost sales ofstayFrom the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2021Recovered during the quarter


byNovember 2021In the past yearCanadaCoffeesales volumeMore than a year agoContemporaneousIncreased2%, andbyCoffee sales in November 2020 compared with the same period of the previous yearDown24%。


Sgabelloneexpress,stayMarch 2020shareBefore,physical storeCoffeeSales volumeAlready haveslow down, unlikely to reachepidemic situationFront level. For cateringService providerSay,Find the consumersofThe best way is the most important


Sgabellonemention, althoughCoffeeindustryHas been greatly impacted, butSpeed of arrival(drive-thruandtake-out foodCoffeeoforderamountHowever, it has increased. Although at presentCanadian takeoutCoffeeThe market share is still small, but from2019sincehisIt has more than tripled.


In fact, not only in Canada, but also in Europe, America and Australia, many people like to grind and make coffee at home. The market for coffee equipment and coffee utensils has always had a lot of room for development. Sellers with relevant category products can pay more attention to relevant information and the development trend of the industry.

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