Grocery prices in the United States rose to the largest increase in recent years


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

according toBureau of Labor StatisticsReport on January 12data2021DecembershareUS consumer prices rose year-on-yearHas7%, more than Novembersharesix point eight%AndOctobershare6.2%Growth ofCreated sinceJune 1982shareThe largest year-on-year increase since


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,During 2021,U.S.AThe price of groceries has gone up6.5%, whilenear10 yearsComingAverage annual growth rateonlyby1.5%。exceptgrocery storeIn addition, the catering industry also saw a rise.Decembersharetakeout food Year on year price increase6%, restaurantHall foodrise in price6.6%, the price of fast food casual restaurants increased by 8%.


In the field of groceries,Although meat, poultry, fish and eggstwelveMonthly priceNovembershareDown0.4%,butTracking by the Labor OfficeThe prices of all six household food categories increased during the year2021, meat, poultryThe price of fish and eggs is relatively highDecember 2020shareriseHas12.5%。


From the wholeDecemberFor the sake of, the monthly increase of fresh agricultural products is the largest, onlyNovembershareFresh fruitofThe price has gone up1.8%。andThe whole year of 2021, fresh fruitofPricebeUp7.9%。


Other familiesgroceriesSubcategory inIn 2021appearA large price rise


Beef (relatively expensiveDecember 2020sharerise18.6%)

Pork (rising15.1%)

Eggs (rising11%)


Fish(rise8.4%, led by fresh fish and seafood)

Babyfood (up7.9%)

Soda and other carbonated beverages(rise7.4%)


As early aslast yearNovembershare, market research instituteIRIonceForecast, toIn the first half of 2022, the inflation rate of packaged consumer goods may reach 8%, and then slow to about 4% in the second half of 2022.


KK Davey, president of strategic analysis of IRI, said at that timeNo,The government launchedAid programstimulate, and priceInflation reduces the increase in wages,estimateAmerican peoplestay2022To pricesWill become more sensitive.


Later,IRI states that itstayDecemberLatest surveydisplay90% of shoppers said they noticedHasGrocery prices have risen,48%Shoppers saythe near futurePriceThan beforetaller by the head and shouldersAnd nearly61%ShoppersShow themWill look for lower priced grocery stores for shopping

In addition, Xiao Bian also learned from the data of the United States Labor Office that in addition to the rise in the price of groceries,DecemberAmericanHousing pricealsoYear on year growthHas4.1%。It can only be said that under the co fermentation of epidemic situation, supply chain crisis and other factors, people around the world are going through a difficult time.

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