A large number of workers have been isolated, and the congestion in the ports of West America has intensified


Source: ennews

stayBefore the "Black Five" in 2021 and Christmas, there has always been a very serious problem of container ship congestion in the western seaport of the United States, which will be exacerbated by the recent round of COVID-19 epidemic.


According to foreign media, according to the Pacific Maritime Association, as of Monday,About800 dock workers are unable to work due to epidemic, which accounts for about/One tenth of the daily operation scale of Long Beach Port, among about 800 workers affected by the epidemic this time, including the COVID-19 test positive and the close contacts who need to be isolated.


Relevant data shows thatBy the end of November, the backlog of ships on the West Coast of the United States had increased to 100, and the coming Christmas and New Year's Eve had further promotedAfter Americans bought more goods, the congestion of seaports became worse and worse.


In addition, since before Christmas, many countries around the world have successively discovered COVID-19 mutant strainsThe number of infections in Omikjon has increased rapidly, especially in the United States


subsequentlyThe epidemic has gradually spread to the port terminal, Los Angeles portThe chief executive officer of Yusen Wharf said that the increasing number of COVID-19 cases exacerbated the labor shortage from Christmas to the New YearTherefore, the evacuation efficiency of the wharf has decreased by about20%。


Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach Port is a major port for the United States to receive imported goods, and about 40% of American imported containers need to pass through these two ports. In the past year, American consumers consumed a lot of daily necessities, and now they need a lot of materials to supplement their daily consumption during the epidemic. Therefore, American imports will continue to expand.


Some Asian seaports may be suspended due to the upcoming Spring Festival, which may reduce the evacuation pressure of American seaports. However, the Danish based maritime consulting company said that the congestion and supply chain shortage of American and European ports are still deteriorating. The congestion situation of the Western American seaport may continue untilThe end of 2022!

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