Europe and the United States are crazy about frying shoe circles? The price of second-hand sports shoes is soaring


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reportsSupply chainImpact, such as Nike andNew BalanceThe price of second-hand sports shoes of other brands is2021There is a rise


US resale websiteThe RealRealRecently releasedtwo hundred and twooneyearofResale report, which analyzesResale of more than 24 million members of The RealReal platformData andTrends.


2021ofSupply chain problemsMake considerableproductAnd the brand appearedDelivery delay and plant closureThis causes a mismatch between supply and demand. Therefore, resaleplatformUsually people buy someproductAnd the price is usually much higher becauseNew productsAlmost impossible to obtain.


In the booming resale industry, high-value Nike sneakerssales volumeIt ranks first in the market.


Resale of Nike sports shoes with strong demandsales volumeYear on year growth32%, ranking first among the top five brands with the largest increase in resale value. After Nike, the brands on the list include Rolex, Bottega Veneta, Chrome Hearts and Hermes.


Nike resalePrice riseIs partly due to the insufficient supply of high demand goods, such asjointlycooperationparagraphsneakers A pair ofJeff Staple's Nike SB Dunk Low Staple NYC Pigeon sneaker cost $18000 at The RealRealexceedRMB 110,000)The price sold on the website has becomeHighest priceOne of the pieces of.


Mayank Hajela, senior director of The RealReal menswear, said, "The rapid growth in demand and limited supply of its most popular styles has prompted Nike to resell this yearsales volumeThe growth is twice that of other brands.” 


At present, Vietnam has become the largest OEM manufacturer of Nike since this yearSince July, Nike's production capacity has been affected due to the factory shutdown caused by the outbreak of the Vietnam epidemic. This led to an increase in the price of even ordinary styles.


New BalanceThis year's sales also appearedpowerfulincrease, resale of the brandsales volumeYear on year growth61%。 Resale price ratio of some New Balance cooperative sneakersOfficial priceHigher387%。


in recent years,New BalanceOur design leads the trend, thus promoting the popularity and demand of the brand”RealRealexpress,"This year, New Balance has achieved what most competitors have not done - the resale demand and value of its basic styles and colors are rising."

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