Zero tolerance for counterfeiting! 64 defendants, over 400 million links removed!


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The issue of infringement has become a dark cloud floating on every cross-border seller's head, lingering.


To ask cross-border sellers what they are most afraid of, there is nothing more than sudden infringement complaints in their operations. E-commerce platforms led by Amazon can be described as infringing behaviorHate to the bone ", as long as it appears, it is a punishment for removing product links or even labeling.


An industry supervision organization has been working in Amazon, Wal MartPlatforms such as eBay, Wish, Newegg, and Alibaba have discovered and removed listing links for over 400 million counterfeit items. In the case of a proliferation of counterfeit goods,Amazon and other platforms have also increased their efforts to crack down on infringing products.


According to the latest data from Amazon, in the past year, theyright64 counterfeiters have filed civil lawsuits and collaborated with numerous brands including GoPro, Valentino, and Ferragamo to crack down on counterfeiters. More stringent measures will be taken next to crack down on counterfeiters.


If cross-border sellers want to operate well and avoid the impact of platform fraud, they need to realize the importance of the brand and keep an eye on trends such as trademark registration. The latest news shows that the US Trademark and Patent Office has introduced a new policy to verify the identity of trademark applicants.


Increase efforts to crack down on counterfeiting, Amazon is committed to drawing a blueprint to combat counterfeiting


E-commerce giant Amazon has been increasing its crackdown on counterfeiting through various means, committed to drawing a blueprint to combat counterfeiting.


Recently, Amazon released a new announcement on its forum, revealing its counterfeit crime department(CCU's achievements in cracking down on counterfeit goods over the past year. Amazon stated that they have a responsibility to protect consumers, brands, and stores from counterfeit products, and they have been working hard to do so.


Cross border shipping has zero tolerance for counterfeiting! 64 defendants, over 400 million links removed!


In the past year, AmazonThe achievements of the CCU department's anti counterfeiting work are as follows:


1. Provided evidence of over 250 counterfeiters for criminal investigations in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and China;


2. Initiate civil litigation against 64 counterfeiters;


3. Destroyed counterfeiters and their supply networks around the world, including counterfeit suppliers, logistics suppliers, social media influencers, fake invoice suppliers, identity fraudsters, and website fraudsters, through civil litigation, joint law enforcement actions around the world, and the seizure of counterfeit goods;


4. Collaborate with numerous brands including GoPro, Valentino, and Ferragamo to crack down on counterfeiters.


Amazon also stated that it will continue to invest in brand protection programs to improve the seller experience, protect the interests of the brand and customers, and hold bad actors accountable.


When it comes to the next step of anti-counterfeiting plans, Amazon stated that it will be committed to reducing the rate of customer complaints about counterfeit and inferior products, while increasing the number of brands in the brand registration office, and utilizing industry-leading brand anti-counterfeiting tools to protect the Amazon brand. In addition, Amazon will collaborate with law enforcement agencies and courts to increase the number of criminal referrals and litigation cases, and bring counterfeiters to justice.


Amazon, Wal Mart,Serious counterfeit issues on platforms such as eBay


Consumers hope that they can buy genuine products instead of fake ones on e-commerce platforms, but most of the time, things go against their expectations.Amazon,Wal Mart andEBayplatformFull of counterfeit goods,Imitation and fraudulent productsMany times, consumers are not aware of this situation.


Cross border e-commerce platforms have zero tolerance for counterfeiting! 64 defendants, over 400 million links removed!

Wal Mart and AmazonOther platformsIt's fakeDirect retailers of fraud and counterfeits, in addition toSell someThird partyProvidedFake goods.althoughEBay is notProductDirect seller, but it has evolved intobe responsible fortrusteeshipPlatform,Third party sellers canListing products including pirated and counterfeit goods.


stayDecades ago, counterfeitingMeansSelling counterfeit goods on the street corner.along withWal Mart, Amazon, Newegg,Wish and eBaytheseExplosion of the platformStyle development,Pirated products have opportunitiesdirectSentConsumer's home.


andE-commerce giantsThen in theEvade responsibilitySimultaneouslyHas achieved huge profits,In the end, it's better toconsumerBear the losses caused by related pirated products.


Piracy infringementThere are many problemsserious?


The Counter Report,It's astayGlobalWithin the scopeAwarded industry supervision agencies.This institution is located instayAmazonWal MartEBay, WishNew Eggs andAlibabaOther platformsDiscovered and deleted more than400 million counterfeit itemsListing link.


andthis400 million pieces is onlyIt is a small portion of counterfeit goods that reach consumers' hands,Amazon and Wal Mart oftenExposedignoreCopyright ownerComplaints from the sellerListing inAfter being deletedStill availableagainListing.500000 brands on AmazonplatformCracking down on counterfeitsAnti fake,To a certain extentRevealedThe platformThe severity of the counterfeit issue.


In addition, there are many moreMedia and InvestigationexposeAmazon,EBay and Wal MartplatformSales prohibited, unsafe, counterfeit,Label error or stolen productEven Amazon's self operated andAmazon's ChoiceNo exception.


And according toThe U.S. Government Accountability Office is responsible for,New Eggs andE-commerce including eBayplatformcounterfeitcommodityA secret investigation conducted revealed that,These platforms sellThe product is approximately50% is counterfeit.


Falsification, Piracy and InfringementyesBehavior of a bad nature.expectreach2022The losses caused by itWill grow to4.5 trillion US dollars, resulting in a net loss of 5.4 million jobs.


Assistant Regional Port Director, US CustomsHans Leiterman stated that between November and JanuaryDuring the holiday shopping season, there are approximately57 millionindividualpackageCirculation, andThese are usually counterfeit goods.


The US Trademark and Patent Office has issued a new policy to verify the identity of trademark applicants


Whether it's Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, the crackdown on counterfeiting is constantly increasing. Therefore,SellersDuring operationBe sure to comply with platform rules,We need to have brand awareness and register trademarks in a timely manner.


Bringing up the trademark, the editor learned that,Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO has issued a notice stating that identity verification will be conducted on trademark applicants.


There is no tolerance for counterfeiting in overseas information! 64 defendants, over 400 million links removed!

Announcement display,Starting from January 8, 2022, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will use the Electronic Trademark Application System (TEAS) and TEAS International (TEASi) to introduce identity verification for account holders. As part of this one-time verification process, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will use the technology provided by to verify the applicant's identity information and account. The applicant does not need to pay any fees.


According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, has collaborated with numerous government enterprises and institutions to help them meet federal certification qualifications, while also providing National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) identity assurance in the United States.


Subsequently, the US Trademark and Patent Office emphasized that starting fromStarting from April 9, 2022, account holders are required to submit identity verification through TEAS and TEASi.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office stated that identity verification can effectively prevent fraudulent trademark applications and fraudulent behavior of trademark users. This policy requires trademark applicants to conduct identity verification, aiming to strengthen the security of the trademark application process and protect the integrity of the US trademark registration.


It is worth noting that the following trademark applicants will not need to undergo identity verification:


1IfUSPTO has previously verified the applicant's identity during the patent application process, and the applicant does not need to verify it again. But if the US Patent and Trademark Office is unable to automatically determine the applicant's identity, the applicant may still need to choose the trademark application role.


2IfApplicantIs the trademark owner represented by a lawyer,beNo need to verify identity to accessApplicantThe lawyer sent the form for electronic signature. However, once the lawyer's representation is completed,Applicants stillIdentity verification requiredAfter informationOnly then can the document be submitted.


The latest news on trademark applications mentioned above should not be ignored by cross-border sellers.

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