The demand for pet products is skyrocketing again. Scraper official: Buy even if you're expensive!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, pet owners in the United States are suffering from a shortage of pet supplies, with pet food being the most obvious. Consumers say they cannot find a brand that pets like. Some foreign pet owners say they do not want to make their own dog food or other products.


When other shoppers search for video game consoles and bicycles in stores and online platforms, pet ownersbutLooking for fish puree and coarsely ground food of appropriate size,Supply chain issues disrupt pet foodNormalsupply.


According to the report,The shortage of labor, raw materials, and transportation is limiting the supply of food from beverages to snacks. The challenges faced by pet food are the same and even more severe,The main reason is pet foodThe demand suddenly surged.

 The demand for pet products on cross-border e-commerce platforms is skyrocketing again. Scraper official: Even if you're expensive, buy it!

It is reported that during the epidemicDuring this period, more and more people adopted pets, followed by pet owners purchasing more food. according toNielsenIQ's data, as of the end of the previous monthofIn 52 weeks, pet food sales in supermarkets alone increased by 6.9%, while overall food sales increased by 2.3%.


The crisis has put some pet owners in a difficult position——Especially for those whose pets require prescription food or have dietary restrictions. Pet owners say that dogs and cats often develop attachments to specific brands or flavors of food, and if forced to change, there may be physical reactions.


According to the report,Many supermarkets cannot find substitutes, and pet food shelves are empty.Although retailers and supermarketsEfforts are being made to ensure raw materials and expand production,butshortagesituationMay persist.


Some pet owners are even willing to pay several times the money to buy the food their pets like. Some pet owners also say that their pets have alreadyLose weight.


The impact of supply chain issues is not limited to food products, but also applies to products such as toys and gifts. However, although there is a shortage of some products in the US market, overall consumer spending is quietly increasing.


The National Retail Federation of the United StatesIn early December, it was stated that its holiday sales were expected to exceed its already record breaking forecast, increasing by 8.5% to 10.5% compared to the same period last year. Holiday sales in the United States increased by 8.5% compared to the same period last year, the fastest growth rate in 17 years.

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