US consumption trend in 2022, these products will be hot


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

the near future,Jungle Scout released the latest consumer trend report and said that the consumer trend in 2022 will be very different from the previous year.


According to the investigation,55% of American consumers said they would "treat themselves well" in 2022, and 68% hoped to have more fun in the new year to make up for the time lost due to the epidemic. As Americans increase financial spending in 2022,Leisure and entertainment related industries may usher in a wave of retaliatory shopping


aboutFor 46% of American consumers, travel will be the top priority in 2022, and many of them have already made travel plans during the holidays.These consumers may spend some of their money on travel products, such as luggage, mobile power and bath products。 They will also purchase necessities during the epidemic, such as vaccine card protective covers and camping equipment.


During the epidemic, people began to pay attention to their own health and look for ways to relax. The personal care and health care industry flourished during the epidemic.Consumers are increasingly interested in skin care, beauty, mindfulness and meditationAnd stimulate the brand to develop relevant new products.


Their self health care habits will exist for a long time and have been extended to sleep, fitness and nutrition。 These categories of products will continue to have high demand in the future.


As Americans return to public again, their clothing spending will increase,Especially clothes related to formal activities, nightlife and fitness


In the trueWith the spirit of "being kind to yourself", some shoppers will lavish on luxury goods. This year, one in five Americans paid the full price for luxurious holiday gifts.


Because frequentlyMoving orAmericans will spend more on home and office products when they change jobs. stayIn 2021, 41% of the consumers who move will move to a larger space, and 29% will shrink in area, which may promote the purchase, because their existing furniture and appliances may not be suitable for their new home.


Sellers can focus on these categories:Home decoration and furniture, kitchen and household appliances, home office furniture and electronic products


Many consumers will maintain the habit of online shopping to a large extent after the epidemic. According to the survey, sports/For fitness equipment products, consumers are 104% more likely to shop online than physical stores, 88% for electronic products, 57% for homes and kitchens, 59% for office supplies, 37% for clothing, and 25% for beauty and personal care.


In the new year, sellers can pay more attention to the changes in consumption trends and do their homework well to welcome a big sale of products.

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