Causing multiple deaths and recalling over 100000 products


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Recall incidents occur frequently, and if it is caused by minor issues, the seller may suffer some losses at most. However, if it causes casualties, the harm to consumers is irreversible. Recently, a portable bed railing and portable air conditioner have been recalled due to death cases.


Portable bed railing


This bed railing is for adults and is placed on both sides of the bed to prevent people from falling off the bed. It is mainly bought for the elderly to use. This recall involves two types. The ordinary model is composed of white metal railings and black foam handles, with a height of about35 inches, approximately 20 inches wide; The two in one model consists of a dark brown metal support frame and a bed frame.


Cross border e-commerce has caused multiple deaths and over 100000 products have been recalled

(Image sourceCPSC


This product is sold onBetween November 2012 and December 2021, the selling price ranges from approximately $22 to $80 for offline stores in the United StatesAmazon, Wal Mart and other e-commerce platforms are sold.


The reason for the recall is that the bed railing device is not secure, and users may be trapped inside the bed railing or between the railing and the side of the mattress, posing a risk of serious pinch injuries and suffocation,Currently, three reports of trapped deaths have been received, all of which areAn elderly person in their 80s.The consequences of being trapped in the elderly, who are already unable to move, can be imagined. The brand recently announced a recall of its products,About quantity involved104900 pieces.


Portable air conditioning


For the sake of convenience, portable devices have a great market, such as portable heating fans and portable air conditioners, which are popular among consumers. But the hidden risks cannot be ignored, and it is not uncommon for a fire to occur due to negligence. Recently, a portable air conditioner was recalled due to fire hazards.


The reason for the recall isThe faulty drainage motor in the air conditioner can ignite the plastic casing of the equipment,Existence causesFire and burnsRisks.Received so far11 reports of portable air conditioners catching fire or emitting smoke during use, resulting in 2 injuries and 1 death due to inhalation of smoke.


E-commerce platforms have caused multiple deaths and over 100000 products have been recalled

(Image sourceCPSC


The air conditioner is sold on multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, with a price of approximately$290, involving approximately 33570 recalled items.


Compared to previous recalls, these two cases have directly caused significant casualties and harm. Sellers should take this as a warning and always prioritize product quality, especially for children and elderly products, and put more effort into it.

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