Newegg cooperates with the American version of "Huabei" to provide installment payment service


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

NeweggRecently announced thatE-commerce installment payment providerAffirmCooperate to provide installment payment options for consumers shopping on its platform.


It is understood that,Newegg now offers an installment option for customers with orders of $100 or more. Newegg shoppers can choose to pay via AffirmtakeThe original lump sum payment was changed tomonthlyby stagesPayment.


In addition, in theNewegg platform uses installment service, and Affirm will onlycollectwrongCompound interesteven ifCustomer overduePayment will not result in late fees.This cooperation between Newegg and Affirm will further improve the payment flexibility of customers and the delivery experience of the platform.


according toAccording to Affirm's consumer spending report, more than half of Americans are interested in using the overtime payment solution in holiday shopping in 2021. Silvija Martincevic, chief commercial officer of Affirm, said: "In this holiday and beyond, consumers demand flexible payment methods."Through andNewegg cooperation, we provideWithFlexibilityControllabilityAnd transparencyPayment method of, let consumerscanBuy their favorite electronic products.


Anthony Chow, CEO of Newegg, said: "We are committed to providing customers with payment flexibility, which means that whether we provide the latest cryptocurrency as a payment option or a payment service that pays over time, we are taking it into consideration." "Our cooperation with Affirm fulfilled this commitment and provided our customers with one of the best overtime payment options we think are available today."


aboutFor the Newegg platform, using other payment methods is nothing new. In 2014, Newegg became the first large retailer to accept Bitcoin payment. In July 2021, Newegg will cooperate with BitPay to accept the cryptocurrency Lite Coin as a payment option.


In additionIn October, Newegg said that it was testing a live broadcast platform called Newegg Live in its APP, which wouldconsumerCommunicate with the host, andlive broadcastDuring this period, we will get exclusive discounts. During the testing phase,Newegg Live will broadcast live every week, and plans to increase the frequency of live broadcast as the test continues.  

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