On Christmas Eve, Amazon warehouse employees went on strike again!


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

thisday, AmazonChicago areaDozens of warehouse workers in the factory held ChristmaseveStrikeAmazon providesBetter wagesAnd treatment


According to AmazonA worker in DLN2 factoryexpress,Although the warehouse staff is sufficientBut they're all hereexcessiveLabor, andNo,Get what you deservebonusAnd salary increasesAmazon not only urges employeesWork,And even forced somePermanent workersBecametemporary worker.


It is reported that these night shift workers(1:20 amto11:50 amAsk for an hourly raiseFive dollars.according toAmazonThey said that,at presentTwo factories on strikeDLN2 and DIL3 workersofsalaryIs per hourUS $15.80.


Amazon spokesman said,In order to prevent and control the epidemic, these warehousesOnce had20 minute break, butNow?The rest time has been reduced to15 minutes.


It is understood that before the striketheseworkeronceTo managementsubmitA petition listing theirdemand, but theyandNo response received,This led to thisstrike.


In fact,Nationwide, Amazon employeesHaveaccusetooThe company tried to suppress the labor organization. Last year, AmazonworkerunionmeetingfounderJonathan BaileyU.S.ALabour Relations Committee(NLRB),claimAfter organizing the strike, he wasAmazonThe manager was detained and interrogated90 Minutes.


andaccording toNBC reports,BaileytowardsComplaints from NLRBonlyyesOne of 37 complaints against Amazon from February 2020 to March 2021. stayShortly after the incident, AmazonalsocovercomplaintIllegally prevented an employee on Staten Island from distributing unions in the loungeRelevant information


Inside AmazonEmployees alsooncetowardsNLRB proposedtoocomplaint,this yearSeptembershare, the companyreceivedTwo former Seattle office employeesComplaints from Maren Costa and Emily CunninghambecausestayStrive for the rights and interests of warehouse staff when the epidemic broke outDismissal.


Recently, the situationagainUpgrade.On December 10, a tornado in Illinois destroyed DLI4Warehouse, six Amazon employeesUnfortunate death。 Over the years, Amazonalwaysnot allowstaffCarrying mobile phones in the warehouse, butepidemic situationThis policy was relaxed during the period.


However, AmazonRecently, graduallyRestore this policy.This leads toWhen the National Meteorological Administration issued an emergency alert urging people to take refuge, some employees were unable toReceive relevant early warning information in time


For this strike,A worker in a warehouse in ChicagoSaid they had beenWork hard,withMake sure everyone gets their Christmas gift package,They justexpectAmazon'sFair treatmentnothing more

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