Amazon launched a new listing tool to help sellers operate efficiently


Author:Li Kai
Source: ennews

Recently, Amazon released a new announcement that it will launch new tools for manual product sellers to help them improve their operational efficiency. At the same time, due to system reasons, the seckill activity of handmade products has been temporarily stopped.


Amazon launched a new listing tool to help sellers operate efficiently


It is reported that this time Amazon willHandmade (manual manufacturing) sales partners provide dynamic customization templates (DCT) to help sellers automatically generate excel templates and apply their customization to multiple asins.


Use this batchWith the listing tool, sellers can get the following help:


1. Reduce list and directory management time


2. Across all custom types (text, images, and options)And product surface creation or editing SKU/asin


3. Export custom data and apply it to products with similar fonts, colors, and components


4. Edit and update existing seller lists and add new custom products


Subsequently, the sellers expressed their views on the tool in the message area.


sellerA: This is great! I can't wait to try!


sellerB: Although I like Amazon's new policy this time, if it takes 20 steps to complete this operation, it will not help me, and I do not believe in Amazon's excel upload function. I cannot try to use this tool to ruin my entire inventory.


Shopify has a very good and simple download/upload system. It manages inventory through spreadsheets. I don't know why everything here is so complicated


Although some sellers doubt the practicability of the new tools, most of them believe that the new tools can help sellers improve their operational efficiency and reduce the loss of time and manpower.


It is worth noting that because Amazon needs toHandmade's commodity functions are technically updated. Therefore, from November 22, 2021, Handmade sellers have stopped creating seckill activities. If the seller submits the seckill activity before December 7, 2021, it will not be affected by the change; The second kill activity after December 7 will be canceled and the fee will be refunded.


Amazon suggests that sellers can use the following types of transactions and promotions:


1. The seller can use the coupon option to offer customers discounts on a single product or a group of products. Customers can find coupons on the coupon home page, search results, product details page, and shopping cart.


2. "Prime Exclusive Discount", which is only applicable to Prime customers. Products with Prime exclusive discount will display underlined pricing and preferential information for Prime customers on the product details page. The seller's products must be in the FBA to participate in the Prime exclusive discount.


3. "7-day sale", which is a time limited promotional offer, in which the number of days the goods are displayed on the Amazon special page is limited.


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